The search for jeans that fit

Ok this is my first blog, so be patient with me, I’m delicate (ha!).

I’m sure there are many women, like me, who find it very difficult to find clothes that fit. Especially jeans. Jeans are the holy grail. As I’m not built like the average model, think more Christina Hendricks from Mad Men than, ooooh every fashion model out there!

So anyway, I had heard about these new jeans by Levi’s called “curve”, that were being sold as jeans for women with, ahem, curves. Thought I would give them a try. And they do the job. They are amazing. So amazing that I bought three pairs! They have allowed for hips & an ass so I didn’t have to buy a bigger size just to allow for those areas.

So a massive clear out of ill fitting jeans was done the minute I came home, and all put into bags for my local charity shop. A double win there, jeans that fit AND extra space in the wardrobe that I suppose I will just have to fill with new gorgeous clothes!!

So, spread the word!

Til next time……

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