Musical memories

So, every morning I listen to “fully charged” on Spin1038 on my way to work, and they play three songs from the “noughties” (2000-2009) that bring up a lot of memories for me and all the other listeners.

And this got me thinking;
How so many songs can spark off feelings of happiness, reminders of really crappy times or just the memory of sun on your skin on that amazing holiday. I put my music on shuffle the other day & it pulled up selection that every song had a memory. Whether it was Jason Mraz that makes me think of being in a cramped bus on my way back from learning to surf in Byron Bay or Pat Benatar that always makes me think of road trips to Belfast or even (so VERY randomly) Rick Astley that always reminds me of random house parties after a long day at the Cois Fhairraige festival……

Music is a huge part of my life and who I am, and I would imagine a lot of other people. And I really hope to have many more memories from music over the years.

Til next time……

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