Teenage screams

So, last night I got to see my teenage idols, fourteen a few years after I last saw them. These were the backstreet boys. I was a huge fan, that standard of size probably doesn’t even cover it. If twitter & Facebook & the Internet in many respects had been around then, my level of obsession may have been a bit more scary!!

Last night the venue was 90% women, felt a bit bad dragging himself along when I could have brought one of the girls, but I figured he’d be good for going to the bar & minding the spot when I would have to queue about four hours to go to the bathroom. When the boys men (and NKOTB deffo were men, men who liked to pump iron at that!) came on stage the screams were so loud I couldn’t hear anything!!! Seriously, if the energy from screams at a concert could be harnessed there would be no energy crisis!!!

I honestly still felt like a teenager, & part of me was a little disappointed when I wasn’t one of the four girls picked out of the crowd to be serenaded by the guys. Even though I prob would’ve cried my eyes out, and we all know that’s not a good look. Never mind the fact that I was standing at the back, so there was no chance for Brian, Nick, AJ or Howie to see me & fall in love with me. Coz you know that would happen.

So, my music will be updated with the songs I played repeatedly until the tape wore out. And then I bought them on cd. Kinda regretting getting rid of the CDs when I moved now…..on the computer is one thing, an actual physical cd is another…

Til next time……

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2 thoughts on “Teenage screams

  1. natwu7699 says:

    I totally agree with you on the point about having a physical CD is different to just having a digital copy. I’m 16 but a HUGE BSB fan, so I downloaded all their songs, but I’ve also got a physical CD for Millennium, Black & Blue, Greatest Hits and the NKOTBSB one! P.S. I’m excited to see NKOTBSB in concert in Sydney next month!

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