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Many corners of the world

Ok, I know the world doesn’t have corners, its round. Just getting that out there first.

What I’m referring to is how in this current stupid recession economy so many of us have had to say goodbye to those we love because they’ve had to go elsewhere so they can provide for themselves, and possibly their families. And it’s absolute pants. But I know these are the tests we have to go through & the things that need to be done in order to survive.

I guess what’s brought this on is that I have been speaking to my best friend who had to go to Australia with her partner to find work nearly two years ago. And what makes it a little bit worse is that her partner is himself’s best friend too. So here we are. Luckily we live in this amazingly technologically advanced world where systems like “WhatsApp” “skype” & Facebook exist. Otherwise, communication would be sparse. Like when my mum’s best friend moved to Australia (on a BOAT! It took weeks for them to get there!) with her family during the last recession in the 1980’s. They had to rely on snail mail! Yikes!

So anyway, it’s the besties birthday in two days, and I finally got her address from her & decided to buy a food parcel from Green Cross Parcel to send her down some home comforts. There is absolutely nothing like Irish tea, chocolate and crisps. I know I missed all my favourite foods while I was down there. Especially chipper. There is no better chipper than Irish chipper……drool. But moving on…….

So being the most awesome person in the world I’m sending her some of these down via this great Irish website (woo supporting local business!) and they donate to charity for every order you make! So I’m feeling doubly awesome right now, and hopefully the fact that she can have some yummy things from home will make home feel a little closer than the 10354.69 miles away it is.

Til next time……

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