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Hormonal Irish weather

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m Irish, live in Ireland, subject to the madness that is Irish weather.

This week the insanity reached a new high (or low, not sure which it is, but it reached a new level or bizarreness!!). This is because mother nature could not make up her mind. For example, Tuesday morning I got up for work & there was torrential rain outside. No exaggeration but this was so heavy I wondered how I might procure a boat to get me around for the day. So I dressed for the rain. Not a wise decision.

So I got on my train in my new bright pink rain coat & my sailing boots & nearly passed out from the heat. Never mind the fact that Irish Rail had once again put a train with widows that don’t open on for rush hour, it that my coat is pretty much plastic, but it was 15degrees. FIFTEEN DEGREES. At 8am. Bleaurgh. Now that level of warmth is lovely when you’re on holidays or it’s sunny, but when it’s raining, it’s not so nice. I just hoped that someone had just forgotten to turn the heating off on the train (don’t laugh, it’s happened before).

It wasn’t to be, into my little oven of a workplace, two fans put on top speed, and placed myself in the breeze flow. And then the sun came out. And it got to 22degrees. Don’t forget I am dressed for rain. Sailing boots, jeggings, tshirt, & cardy. Melting. Many a cold drink was bought from the local newsagent that day.

Wednesday wasn’t much better, but this time I had the nous to bring ballet pumps with me to put on in work.

But this isn’t unusual for Ireland. While we were having 22degree sunshiny, humid filled weather (don’t get me started on the humidity!!) in Dublin, the other ends of the country were being battered with rain. Douglas in Cork & Northern Ireland have been flooded, whole towns under feet of water. And this is the weather we’re getting for June?! What is July going to be like?! Or the autumn for that matter?!?

So, the weather in Ireland is never, never never never predictable. We all know this, and joke about this, but it still gives us a fright (& usually something to have a good whinge about!) and we are never prepared. My handbag now holds an umbrella, flip flops & sunglasses at all times because you will probably get all 4 seasons in one day!

‘Til next time……

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Lost: my fitness, reward offered

So I joined a gym last Monday. I caved. But getting out of breath if I have to run for the train & then being out of breath for all the majority of the journey home kinda makes you realise how unfit you’ve become.

As a former smoker, I always put it down to my lungs being banjoed from that, but I’ve been off them for 3 years now, can’t blame them anymore, they should be well out of my system by now. So I decided last year with my friend O (obv not her real name!) that we were both going to get fit. It started with mammoth walks around Howth – the cliff edges & everything, and then moved into two sets of ten Zumba classes, which I loved but seemed to affect my back, so they had to stop. Boo.

Myself & himself have been talking about joining a gym for ages & after wrecking ourselves at the wedding last week, we bit the bullet. Joined on Monday & I went twice in the 5 days after. And it is addictive. I love that feeling of jelly legs after you’ve thrown yourself into a sequence.

One slight problem, last time I exercised this regularly I was super fit. Properly super fit. Could run 400m without even breaking a sweat fit. Yes that was a decade ago, but I managed to keep a level of fitness (mainly through dancing on nights out & the fact I couldn’t drive so walked everywhere) until I was about 23. When partying really took over. So getting myself to a point where I can run for five minutes without my lungs burning will probably take a while. Getting fit when you’re a little bit older is hard. ESP when if you’re like me & expect results immediately. I couldn’t understand why my stomach wasn’t instantly flat the next morning. And you’re surrounded by gym bunnies who obviously live on the tread mill. And the cross trainer! That object of torture! I tried that after being on the bike. Not very smart. In fact supremely stupid. So stupid it should be spelled stooooopid . My legs refused to work & went on strike. They had little placards & everything*.

So, this is my battle. Gym it enough that I can eat what I want but still burn off a bit extra, and I think I can handle that.

‘Til next time……

*this may be a lie

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Wedding outfit

So, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m heading to a wedding this weekend, so wanted to show off my ensemble!

Coral full length dress is from fantastic Irish boutique Fran & Jane, I took the sash that came with it off & have a skinny gold belt from Penneys (Primark in the UK) to wear instead. The dress also has pockets, which I LOVE, somewhere to hide bread rolls for later keep my phone so I don’t have to carry my bag with me all the time. I also wanted to make it very bright & summery, so decided to colour clash my accessories with it by using turquoise instead of trying to match the coral or bronze detailing, as that can sometimes go very wrong! Also, by styling it this way, I can change the look up should I want to wear it again (which I will!).

High heeled peep toes are from department store Debenhams, bag is from Awear, wrap is from Monsoon Accessorize, as are the gold earrings (not pictured). But since this is Ireland, and it’s currently raining & prob gonna stay that way I have a blazer in a similar colour to the wrap to keep my shoulders & arms dry & warm!



Til next time……

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It’s tough being a Joan

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m of the Christina Hendricks (Joan in Mad Men)
type of curvy rather than the Victorias Secret type of curvy, as well as being much taller than the average Irish women (I’m 5’10” and majority of my friends are around the 5’5″/5’6″ mark) so find it quite diff to find clothes. I know I’m not alone in this (my sizing seems to be the average!) but I’ve had to do some shopping this week so it’s brought it all to the forefront of my mind.

Going by what many websites give as their measurements for sizes I’m never the same size anywhere. So I always err on the side of caution & go for the larger of two if I’m inbetween. Or if i have to accommodate a certain section *cough* hips *cough* boobs *cough*.Which usually means the item is too big elsewhere. And I probably could have gone for the smaller size after all. But more often than not I need the extra bit of length thats given by the bigger, like with dresses. If I want to buy a cute, short dress for summer or a night out, they are usually very short on me. With a loose skirt its never as bad, but if I want to wear a body con, which frankly look awesome on me, they are bum skimmers. And I’m no spring chicken not 21 anymore so can’t get aware with that, so I always have to wear tights or leggings with them, which sucks coz I then spend my night pulling up said tights or leggings (why do they always fall down?!?!) instead of rocking it out on the dance floor!

Yes there are “tall” ranges out there, & I have gotten some bits, but most of what I like seems to be designed for the model shape or petite & curvy, not the tall & curvy shape. I like to refer to it as Amazonian. Wonder Woman was an Amazonian wasn’t she!? And she rocked a fab outfit!

So there we go, retailers, get the finger out, accommodate the curvier girl & we might just spend some money with you!

Til next time……

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Sunshine = smiles

So, summer has finally arrived in Ireland. Well, as much of a summer as we can have. For example, today we had amazing weather, sunshine, clear skies, that little bit of a sea breeze that makes sitting out all the more bearable. Now we had a high of 17degrees celcius. Which is pretty pathetic when you see Brisbane (Australia) has lows of 20-22 degrees in WINTER!! But when you compare it to the gale force winds & torrential rain we had yesterday, and the fact I had to put on the heating. In June. June. Heating. What the funk is going on?!?!?!?!??

I decided since th weather was nice today, I’d go & do the bits of shopping I’ve been putting off for about 2months now for a wedding we’re going to next week. Town was grand, apart from all the lunatics on the roads. It’s almost like the general consensus today was “hey it’s a bank holiday I don’t need to drive like a sane person!”. But I didn’t let it bother me because it is SUNNY!!! I even got a (free) parking space near where I wanted to be! WIN!! The shopping area was super busy, so my impatient super speedy shopping skills were kicked up into turbo drive! On the plus side, I got all I needed AND I got to sit in my parents back garden afterwards in the sun & eat!! So sunshine = awesome days!

Keep em coming mother nature!!!

Til next time……

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