Sunshine = smiles

So, summer has finally arrived in Ireland. Well, as much of a summer as we can have. For example, today we had amazing weather, sunshine, clear skies, that little bit of a sea breeze that makes sitting out all the more bearable. Now we had a high of 17degrees celcius. Which is pretty pathetic when you see Brisbane (Australia) has lows of 20-22 degrees in WINTER!! But when you compare it to the gale force winds & torrential rain we had yesterday, and the fact I had to put on the heating. In June. June. Heating. What the funk is going on?!?!?!?!??

I decided since th weather was nice today, I’d go & do the bits of shopping I’ve been putting off for about 2months now for a wedding we’re going to next week. Town was grand, apart from all the lunatics on the roads. It’s almost like the general consensus today was “hey it’s a bank holiday I don’t need to drive like a sane person!”. But I didn’t let it bother me because it is SUNNY!!! I even got a (free) parking space near where I wanted to be! WIN!! The shopping area was super busy, so my impatient super speedy shopping skills were kicked up into turbo drive! On the plus side, I got all I needed AND I got to sit in my parents back garden afterwards in the sun & eat!! So sunshine = awesome days!

Keep em coming mother nature!!!

Til next time……

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