It’s tough being a Joan

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m of the Christina Hendricks (Joan in Mad Men)
type of curvy rather than the Victorias Secret type of curvy, as well as being much taller than the average Irish women (I’m 5’10” and majority of my friends are around the 5’5″/5’6″ mark) so find it quite diff to find clothes. I know I’m not alone in this (my sizing seems to be the average!) but I’ve had to do some shopping this week so it’s brought it all to the forefront of my mind.

Going by what many websites give as their measurements for sizes I’m never the same size anywhere. So I always err on the side of caution & go for the larger of two if I’m inbetween. Or if i have to accommodate a certain section *cough* hips *cough* boobs *cough*.Which usually means the item is too big elsewhere. And I probably could have gone for the smaller size after all. But more often than not I need the extra bit of length thats given by the bigger, like with dresses. If I want to buy a cute, short dress for summer or a night out, they are usually very short on me. With a loose skirt its never as bad, but if I want to wear a body con, which frankly look awesome on me, they are bum skimmers. And I’m no spring chicken not 21 anymore so can’t get aware with that, so I always have to wear tights or leggings with them, which sucks coz I then spend my night pulling up said tights or leggings (why do they always fall down?!?!) instead of rocking it out on the dance floor!

Yes there are “tall” ranges out there, & I have gotten some bits, but most of what I like seems to be designed for the model shape or petite & curvy, not the tall & curvy shape. I like to refer to it as Amazonian. Wonder Woman was an Amazonian wasn’t she!? And she rocked a fab outfit!

So there we go, retailers, get the finger out, accommodate the curvier girl & we might just spend some money with you!

Til next time……

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