Lost: my fitness, reward offered

So I joined a gym last Monday. I caved. But getting out of breath if I have to run for the train & then being out of breath for all the majority of the journey home kinda makes you realise how unfit you’ve become.

As a former smoker, I always put it down to my lungs being banjoed from that, but I’ve been off them for 3 years now, can’t blame them anymore, they should be well out of my system by now. So I decided last year with my friend O (obv not her real name!) that we were both going to get fit. It started with mammoth walks around Howth – the cliff edges & everything, and then moved into two sets of ten Zumba classes, which I loved but seemed to affect my back, so they had to stop. Boo.

Myself & himself have been talking about joining a gym for ages & after wrecking ourselves at the wedding last week, we bit the bullet. Joined on Monday & I went twice in the 5 days after. And it is addictive. I love that feeling of jelly legs after you’ve thrown yourself into a sequence.

One slight problem, last time I exercised this regularly I was super fit. Properly super fit. Could run 400m without even breaking a sweat fit. Yes that was a decade ago, but I managed to keep a level of fitness (mainly through dancing on nights out & the fact I couldn’t drive so walked everywhere) until I was about 23. When partying really took over. So getting myself to a point where I can run for five minutes without my lungs burning will probably take a while. Getting fit when you’re a little bit older is hard. ESP when if you’re like me & expect results immediately. I couldn’t understand why my stomach wasn’t instantly flat the next morning. And you’re surrounded by gym bunnies who obviously live on the tread mill. And the cross trainer! That object of torture! I tried that after being on the bike. Not very smart. In fact supremely stupid. So stupid it should be spelled stooooopid . My legs refused to work & went on strike. They had little placards & everything*.

So, this is my battle. Gym it enough that I can eat what I want but still burn off a bit extra, and I think I can handle that.

‘Til next time……

*this may be a lie

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