Hormonal Irish weather

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m Irish, live in Ireland, subject to the madness that is Irish weather.

This week the insanity reached a new high (or low, not sure which it is, but it reached a new level or bizarreness!!). This is because mother nature could not make up her mind. For example, Tuesday morning I got up for work & there was torrential rain outside. No exaggeration but this was so heavy I wondered how I might procure a boat to get me around for the day. So I dressed for the rain. Not a wise decision.

So I got on my train in my new bright pink rain coat & my sailing boots & nearly passed out from the heat. Never mind the fact that Irish Rail had once again put a train with widows that don’t open on for rush hour, it that my coat is pretty much plastic, but it was 15degrees. FIFTEEN DEGREES. At 8am. Bleaurgh. Now that level of warmth is lovely when you’re on holidays or it’s sunny, but when it’s raining, it’s not so nice. I just hoped that someone had just forgotten to turn the heating off on the train (don’t laugh, it’s happened before).

It wasn’t to be, into my little oven of a workplace, two fans put on top speed, and placed myself in the breeze flow. And then the sun came out. And it got to 22degrees. Don’t forget I am dressed for rain. Sailing boots, jeggings, tshirt, & cardy. Melting. Many a cold drink was bought from the local newsagent that day.

Wednesday wasn’t much better, but this time I had the nous to bring ballet pumps with me to put on in work.

But this isn’t unusual for Ireland. While we were having 22degree sunshiny, humid filled weather (don’t get me started on the humidity!!) in Dublin, the other ends of the country were being battered with rain. Douglas in Cork & Northern Ireland have been flooded, whole towns under feet of water. And this is the weather we’re getting for June?! What is July going to be like?! Or the autumn for that matter?!?

So, the weather in Ireland is never, never never never predictable. We all know this, and joke about this, but it still gives us a fright (& usually something to have a good whinge about!) and we are never prepared. My handbag now holds an umbrella, flip flops & sunglasses at all times because you will probably get all 4 seasons in one day!

‘Til next time……

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