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Literary escapes

I know I’m not alone in this, but I love reading, there I’ve said it, it’s out there in the ether. My parents are big readers too, so probably explains it. Himself makes fun of me on a regular basis because I will rip through a book in no time at all. He bought me the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy for my birthday and I had the first one read in a day & the three done in four days (I consciously made myself take my time with the last one because I wanted it to last longer). I read the ‘Lord of the rings’ trilogy in 3 weeks – one a week (it took me that bit longer because I was studying for my exams, alright?!?? *defensive tone*). I’m ridiculous.

The parentals bought me a kindle for my birthday and it is never out of my handbag. I don’t have many books on it yet – about 15? But there’s maybe 5 I’ve read three or four times each. It is possibly the best thing they could’ve ever bought me (other than a pair of Louboutins or a Chanel bag), but my remote fell off the bedside locker last week & landed on it marking the screen forever. I am super upset. You can still read with it there, but it is no longer perfect. So I managed to get myself a cover finally in Tesco – the ones on the amazon website are far too expensive! And now I love it even more!!

But I love that I’ve always been a big reader, it has given me a great range of imagination – although the imagination does cause some massive day dreaming, but that’s another blog! – which came in handy when I was in school and I was learning about ancient Greece, the Trojan war, Alexander etc, and those books can be very detailed & imagining it all really helped!

One of my earliest memories is my Maman reading Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ to me in bed, and I think the love of stories and adventure was sparked then! And it’s deffo going to be something I would do should any mini spillers come along.

I could ramble on about this for a million minutes, but the root of what I’m trying to say is reading is awesome. Whether you’re choice is Jane Austen, Stephen King, or like me love so many genres, including Peter V Brett’s Painted Man/Desert Spear series (hurry up and write book three Brett!!), embrace the reading!! It is such a fantastic mental escape! So hit your local book shop, library, or flea market, get some books. You never know, you may find some gems that you will read & read, & read.

‘Til next time……

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Adventures in driving

I’m heading away this week on my holliers (yippee!), which is awesome coz I get to lay around and consume a vineyard have some wine, but I have found out I’m going to have to drive in this foreign country which is not so yippee.

I’m an alright driver, I’m not saying I’m the best or the worst, I may become slightly full of rage at the stupidity of other drivers but overall I’m safe. It’s the unknown I’m nervous about. I drive like a little old lady if I’m on a country road I don’t know!

Apart from not knowing the meaning of road signs, or rules (such as the one where “those merging from a smaller road have right of way over the larger road” in certain parts of the country!?!) it’s the madness of other drivers.

So many (not all) of Irish drivers are a little airy fairy about the use of indicators (pet hate), inability to stay in their own lane (pet hate), and the speed limit, amongst others, all of which cause the aforementioned road rage. But I’m used to it. So I am gonna be a nervous driver. Yes after a few goes I should be fine, but they drive on the other side of the road!! I’ll prob just head down the left side of the motorway out of habit by mistake. Or for the laugh….. (JOKE!)

So I now need to stop over thinking it all, now that my wee rant is done, and know that I am a good driver, and it’ll all be ok.

‘Til next time……

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Festival fashion

Having worked at and been to many an outdoor gig and festival over the last 8years, I’ve built up a bit of understanding as to what you should wear so you’re comfortable & dry for the whole time. Some girls I saw at the Snow Patrol gig last week in rainy muddy Phoenix Park (Dublin) had not dressed for the weather at all!

My staples for festivals are tights, leggings, shorts, dresses, tees, hoodies and many many many many pairs of socks! Only if the sun is splitting the stones would I go bare legged at a festival. And have done, but if it’s even slightly cloudy I will have tights on under my shorts or with my dress! Some of those girls last Sunday were significantly under dressed. So much so that I was worried that they would get sick! Mini mini hot pants, tank tops & sleeveless jackets with their fashion wellies. But not a rain coat in sight! I was cold looking at them!!

My point is that just because you can’t go very fashiony with what you’re wearing if the weather is absolutely manky, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look awesome while being comfy!

For example, I invested in a pair of sailing boots from Dubarry last year after the floods & they are an absolute saviour. They’re completely water proof (leg section is made from gortex) and super comfy & so much easier to walk around in all day compared to wellies. They’re a bit pricey but I see them as an investment. So I wore them all day last Sunday and while they’re still slightly muddy in the picture my feet were dry and warm all day! My rain jacket is from ASOS and I love it. Everyone else was in their blacks, navy & dark colours, so I was loving being different & you could easily find me in a crowd! So adding jeggings, a long slouchy top, a hoody & a large cross body bag & I was set for the day.

So, my point is; by all means wear something awesome & funky but please take the weather into consideration and dress appropriately!!

‘Til next time……



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Accessories make the outfit

Like most women (&some men) I like shopping, but I shop like a man. What I mean by that is I hate spending hours in shops just looking around. I will go in, do a lap of the shop, and if I don’t spot something immediately it won’t be bought. I like to be efficient with my time. I hate trying clothes on & will usually just buy the first thing I see. Don’t get me started on sales. I have worked in so many sales that the thought of them gives me the chills. I am not able to root through the chaos, and I always end up tidying the rails. *rolls eyes at self*

But one thing I will always have time to shop for are shoes & bags. I am obsessed. My spare room is the shoe room. Well shoe & bag room. We even had to buy shelves from Ikea for them. I know, I know, but they’re pretty!!! But every single one of those items has been worn at least three times, some more than others, but you always have your favourites don’t you?!

So I today became the proud owner of this amazing bag from Fran & Jane . It’s so beautiful I just want to hug it. I always play it safe with bags, buying black, brown and grey (or occasionally a colour if it’s for a specific ensemble – like the wedding outfit) but this green just called to me.

Ciara! Ciara! Take me home!

It’s like these shoes from HighHeels, I saw them, and HAD to have them. I may have bombarded himself with how much I needed them talked to himself about them a bit, so I was a very lucky girl & got them for my birthday. Spoiled, I know.

So while my shopping for clothing essentials may not go that well (due to aforementioned issues) I will always, always find shoes & bags that I want. Coz your dress size may go up & down but shoes & bags will never change!

‘Til next time……



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