Accessories make the outfit

Like most women (&some men) I like shopping, but I shop like a man. What I mean by that is I hate spending hours in shops just looking around. I will go in, do a lap of the shop, and if I don’t spot something immediately it won’t be bought. I like to be efficient with my time. I hate trying clothes on & will usually just buy the first thing I see. Don’t get me started on sales. I have worked in so many sales that the thought of them gives me the chills. I am not able to root through the chaos, and I always end up tidying the rails. *rolls eyes at self*

But one thing I will always have time to shop for are shoes & bags. I am obsessed. My spare room is the shoe room. Well shoe & bag room. We even had to buy shelves from Ikea for them. I know, I know, but they’re pretty!!! But every single one of those items has been worn at least three times, some more than others, but you always have your favourites don’t you?!

So I today became the proud owner of this amazing bag from Fran & Jane . It’s so beautiful I just want to hug it. I always play it safe with bags, buying black, brown and grey (or occasionally a colour if it’s for a specific ensemble – like the wedding outfit) but this green just called to me.

Ciara! Ciara! Take me home!

It’s like these shoes from HighHeels, I saw them, and HAD to have them. I may have bombarded himself with how much I needed them talked to himself about them a bit, so I was a very lucky girl & got them for my birthday. Spoiled, I know.

So while my shopping for clothing essentials may not go that well (due to aforementioned issues) I will always, always find shoes & bags that I want. Coz your dress size may go up & down but shoes & bags will never change!

‘Til next time……



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One thought on “Accessories make the outfit

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