Festival fashion

Having worked at and been to many an outdoor gig and festival over the last 8years, I’ve built up a bit of understanding as to what you should wear so you’re comfortable & dry for the whole time. Some girls I saw at the Snow Patrol gig last week in rainy muddy Phoenix Park (Dublin) had not dressed for the weather at all!

My staples for festivals are tights, leggings, shorts, dresses, tees, hoodies and many many many many pairs of socks! Only if the sun is splitting the stones would I go bare legged at a festival. And have done, but if it’s even slightly cloudy I will have tights on under my shorts or with my dress! Some of those girls last Sunday were significantly under dressed. So much so that I was worried that they would get sick! Mini mini hot pants, tank tops & sleeveless jackets with their fashion wellies. But not a rain coat in sight! I was cold looking at them!!

My point is that just because you can’t go very fashiony with what you’re wearing if the weather is absolutely manky, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look awesome while being comfy!

For example, I invested in a pair of sailing boots from Dubarry last year after the floods & they are an absolute saviour. They’re completely water proof (leg section is made from gortex) and super comfy & so much easier to walk around in all day compared to wellies. They’re a bit pricey but I see them as an investment. So I wore them all day last Sunday and while they’re still slightly muddy in the picture my feet were dry and warm all day! My rain jacket is from ASOS and I love it. Everyone else was in their blacks, navy & dark colours, so I was loving being different & you could easily find me in a crowd! So adding jeggings, a long slouchy top, a hoody & a large cross body bag & I was set for the day.

So, my point is; by all means wear something awesome & funky but please take the weather into consideration and dress appropriately!!

‘Til next time……



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