Adventures in driving

I’m heading away this week on my holliers (yippee!), which is awesome coz I get to lay around and consume a vineyard have some wine, but I have found out I’m going to have to drive in this foreign country which is not so yippee.

I’m an alright driver, I’m not saying I’m the best or the worst, I may become slightly full of rage at the stupidity of other drivers but overall I’m safe. It’s the unknown I’m nervous about. I drive like a little old lady if I’m on a country road I don’t know!

Apart from not knowing the meaning of road signs, or rules (such as the one where “those merging from a smaller road have right of way over the larger road” in certain parts of the country!?!) it’s the madness of other drivers.

So many (not all) of Irish drivers are a little airy fairy about the use of indicators (pet hate), inability to stay in their own lane (pet hate), and the speed limit, amongst others, all of which cause the aforementioned road rage. But I’m used to it. So I am gonna be a nervous driver. Yes after a few goes I should be fine, but they drive on the other side of the road!! I’ll prob just head down the left side of the motorway out of habit by mistake. Or for the laugh….. (JOKE!)

So I now need to stop over thinking it all, now that my wee rant is done, and know that I am a good driver, and it’ll all be ok.

‘Til next time……

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