Outfit conundrums

I seem to be doing a few more of these than I thought I would, but I love clothes, so who cares!!??!!!

I had a night out this weekend for one of my closest friends birthdays, so obv there had to be a fantastic ensemble put together!

I had originally planned to wear one of the outfits consisting of red jeans / leather effect leggings & loose top. Top from h&m, red jeans from Oasis, leather look leggings from American Apparel, black heels from High Heels.ie & stripey wedges from River Island. But was convinced to get my legs out & buy a new dress by a friend. Yes, I’ve a rubber arm.







So the final outfit was this dress from Penneys (€19, and also bought in plain black. They’re little pink flamingos on the printed dress pictured) heels & bag also from Penneys (but a purchased three years ago so while not available exactly the same, they’ll have something similar), large bangle from Fran & Jane and earrings from Monsoon Accessorize.






Outfit was very comfy for a night out of dancing & silliness, covered any areas I would be conscious of, while still looking elegant & a little sexy, so a winner all round! And I know I’ll be able to take the dress into winter by just adding ballet flats & tights!

‘Til next time……


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One thought on “Outfit conundrums

  1. Alan O'Neill says:

    Like a typical saturday night for me too. 🙂

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