Now what?

Pretty sure I’m not alone in this but I am feeling a little adrift as to what I’m going to watch & discuss all day now that the 2012 London Olympics are over. I mean how am I going to bring the fact that I could’ve represented my country in gymnastics (child gymnast, fairly awesome, got too tall, & I may have discovered boys & a social life too!) into a normal conversation?

I suppose I could catch up on the laundry (yawn), or my filing (double yawn), and whatever has been building up on the digi-box (more than likely), and they don’t make me feel like a lazy wagon for not going to the gym 82 times a week!

But as someone pointed out on twitter last night, the Paralympics are still ahead. Huzzah!! All is not lost! So I’ll be here, on my couch, cheering team Ireland on, waving my wee tricolour….it’s gonna be awesome.

‘Til next time……

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