Winter wardrobe wonderings

So summer is officially over, we’re still in that awkward “what season should I dress for” phase – I’ve been caught out plenty of times myself over the last fortnight, judging my outfit by what the weather was like outside my window at 7.30am, not the forecast for the day. Flip flops & cropped bottoms are not so great when it’s cold & raining.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been culling my wardrobe, I dropped 6 black bags to the charity shop the other week, pat on the back please, so I’m being fairly ruthless about them. Not as ruthless as when I moved, there was 14 bags & about 8 boxes then, but ruthless all the same! But I’ve probably already filled that space back up with my autumn/winter purchases but I’m trying to buy pretty things good choices so they’ll last a few years in the press before they need to be replaced. I try not to follow fashion too closely, mainly because most of it doesn’t suit my shape or colouring, and mostly because it isn’t practical clothing for my job. So I tend to stick to simple shapes and colours that I know suit me, with the odd variation off the path so I’m up to date at the same time.

My recent purchases include this gorgeous wax (I think) jacket from the Jack Wills outlet store in Kildare Village. I don’t buy many things here, although they do a fantastic range of tank tops & long sleeve tops that are fantastically long on the body so they cover my tush. Brilliant. I’ve been coveting looking at similar wax jackets from various brands like Barbour and Dubarry (who I got my fantastic sailing boots from), but they were phenomenally out of my price range & when I saw this at a fraction of their prices, I had to snap it up. It comes down lovely & long on the body (so my lower back won’t get cold), has lots of pockets & I love the lining it has. So an absolute win! I can’t wait to wear it with my skinnies, my boots that I have below, a long sleeved top & a patterned scarf.


I also picked up these beauties of shoes, while not a timeless style, they will deffo last a few years as they are simple enough. They were picked up in Kildare Village too at the LK Bennett pop up store. They were selling off a lot of stock at very good prices (my shoes were €50), and if the brand is good enough for the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s good enough for me! They’re simple enough to last more than a few months style wise, but will work so well with so much of what I already have. For example, they will look gorgeous with a midi or knee length pencil skirt and a silk cami. Glamourous, but so very simple.


I also think an investment in a good winter coat is wise. You don’t have to go for the basic colours of black/navy/grey, I went for this gorgeous (& very flattering for Irish skin tones) burgundy colour, and I love the unusual collar shape – separates it from the staple items that come out every year. It’s from the Savida range at Dunnes Stores, so it was very affordable, but very good quality. I picked it up in the pre-Christmas sales last year & I got so much wear out of it then & I will again this winter. It works as my dressy coat – when I have a nice dress or skirt on. But also works with a pair of jeans, heels & a nice top. So it is an ideal buy, as it an work with a dressed down look as well as a dressed up one.


A good pair of boots is always a good choice too. Like these ones I picked up from Office. I got them about four years ago, they cost a lot of money, but they have seen me through three festivals & countless pooey days & are still going strong (and I haven’t needed to re-sole them yet either!). With a bit of minding; stuffing them with newspaper when they’re wet to let them dry naturally & treating them with leather care products like dubbin, & they’ll last me another four years (hopefully!).


So my point is, shop carefully, check the fit, and if you love it, you’ll wear it forever (or at least until it doesn’t fit or it falls apart!).

‘Til next time……

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