Family Fashion

So myself & the family went away over the October bank holiday weekend, to celebrate my dad’s birthday. The eight of us all trekked across country (a couple crossing the pond too!) to the beautiful wilds of Connemara. Firstly I love the remoteness of being out there, there’s minimal phone signal, and it is proper countryside! I would go mental after a week though, you have to drive everywhere, can’t just stroll to the shops or the local! Guess I’m too much of a city girl!

Anyway so we had a couple of family dinners planned while we were there so I needed to bring some nice clothes instead of the usual jeans, tees, cardies that I wear around my family. But for the travelling I stayed comfy as.


I’ll start at the top. The pink furry fleecy hat is from my local sports shop (it’s an independent, so no website unfortunately), & cowl-scarf is from my old favourite Penneys. The wax jacket & long sleeved stripey top are from Jack Wills, & jeggings are from Topshop. My sheepskin boots are from Canterbury Sheepskin, I bought them while I was in New Zealand four years ago – they’re still knocking about!- and need to replace them ASAP & the company finally has an online store! Yipeee!! I fold the boots down (they’re long length) as they’re just not long enough for my legs, and the top hits the wrong place making my legs look not so good! My bag was my mums. She bought it while she was living in Paris, so it is such a good piece that has stood the test of time!


Fancy outfit uimher a haon (number 1) is what I wore for the full fancy pants family dinner. I kept my make up and hair simple with this as I felt the skirt was so dramatic all by itself! The sequinned shoulder jumper is from F&F at Tesco. It’s a good few years old but I love it, and it’s simple & yet striking enough to be worn causal & dressy. The pink midi length is the one I mentioned previously from Fran&Jane. It is super comfy & has a slight stretch to it so you can sit & move around easily! Shoes I got from a friend, no idea where they’re from, but any court or peep-toe heel would work with an outfit like this. Lastly, the bag I’ve mentioned before but is from an independent bag shop in Blackrock (Co.Dublin) called Onyx, have it about 2.5years and get a lot of use from it.


My other fancy outfit consists of my flamingo print dress that I mentioned before from Penneys, my shoes are from New Look. Shoe boots are so diff to get right – they can often sit at the wrong point of your ankle causing your legs to look stumpy. I love the neutral colour of these & the lace up detail. The bag is the same clutch from my other outfit.

So once again I ramble on about clothes. Can’t help it, I love them so!

‘Til next time……

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