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Ok I’m not a restaurant critic, nor a food critic, but I love hearing about food & talking about food. What I also love is finding out about restaurants I’ve never heard of or haven’t eaten in. So, after going out for dinner with himself for our delayed anniversary, I felt the need to share my favourite places to eat in Dublin so that I can share the food-love.

1. Brass Monkey, Howth.

Was recommended to this by a friend who lived in the area, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a gorgeous restaurant on Howth pier. It’s fairly easy going (we were in jeans & smart casual clothing this evening, but were there for new years eve last year so were quite dressed up then.), & has a fantastic menu that is very reasonably priced – we had a starter & main each (no drinks) for €60 including tip. The food is amazing, and the portions are exactly all you would want.

2. Millstone Restaurant, Dame Street, Dublin city centre.

We fell across this one by accident, we had gone into town on a date in our early relationship but hadn’t made a reservation in the hope of getting a “walk in” table. We were walking past & spotted the menu outside (I had thought it was an ‘old man’ pub tbh), got a table & had a very enjoyable meal. The food is fantastic, prices are very good, staff aren’t too pushy, my only fault is when its busy you can be very aware of the people on the table beside you. But, the food is so good you can get past that. I would highly recommend the Monkfish & Chorizo – it’s himself’s favourite dish, and he would eat it over & over.

3. Koh, Italian Quarter, Dublin city centre (off the quays on the north side of the river)

I came here with a friend for her birthday shortly after we’d come home from travelling, and I can honestly say it is the BEST Thai food I’ve had outside Thailand. My mouth is watering thinking about it. *drools*They’re super friendly, always willing to recommend something or tell you honestly if it’s going to be spicy or not. And they make a mean cocktail/mocktail. Also, a lot of their menu is ok for coeliacs – have been with friends who can only eat gluten free food & they’ve been able to choose something rather than having to just take whatever was on the menu. If you don’t want to have a full meal, they do a great selection of “light bites” too.

4. Okra Green, Howth, Co Dublin

This is a fantastic Pakistani restaurant on Howth harbour. We went for a family dinner, where everyone has very different tastes when it comes to food, but everyone came away praising the standard & flavours we had gotten.

5. Noble House, Northern Cross, Clarehall

This Chinese restaurant is fantastic. For the standard of food & service you get, you would expect to be paying prices that would have made you wince during the celtic tiger, but they are very reasonable (their restaurant & take away prices aren’t far off eachother). We’ve eaten both in the restaurant & had the take away, and I would highly recommend it.

6. Seabank Bistro, Malahide, Co. Dublin

We have only eaten here twice, but the first was so fantastic that we ate there again fairly quickly. My only negative issue with this restaurant is that on our second visit, we felt as though we were being rushed out from our table, even though we had only sat down about an hour beforehand. Other than that, I would recommend going there as the food is so fantastic. I would recommend the seafood platter for the starter, if you’re not sure about whether you will like something or not, it is the perfect quantity for two people.

7. Becketts, Leixlip

Ok this isn’t is Dublin, per say, but it is a very short drive to get to it (it’s about 5minutes from the Lucan Spa Hotel) and I HAD to include it. The food here is fantastic. The restaurant is very well laid out so you don’t ever feel like you’re table is too close to the one beside you. And the staff are so lovely & helpful. I had the duck parcels & the salmon, but all the food looks amazing & according to the people we dined with, it was.

8. Bite, South Frederick Street, Dublin city centre.

This is a fairly new restaurant to Dublin, but have eaten here twice already and I would highly recommend it. They focus mainly on fish & chips but with a fancy edge to it (they do duck fat fries, that’ll show you how fancy they get). The two times I’ve come here have been with the girls, but it would definitely suit all diners. The menu is very good – range wise & price wise, I couldn’t choose what I wanted to eat either time. And they make a mean pineapple patron cocktail (amongst others)! It’s a prime location for a meal & a few drinks before heading out.

Ok, eight isn’t the most amazing number for a list, but these are all repeat visit restaurants.

‘Til next time……

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