Searching for boots

I am currently on the hunt for a pair of knee high boots, but being that I’m so very fussy & particular about what they will look like its proving to be a bit difficult. I want them to be plain, but not boring, to actually reach my knee (most sit about 4 inches below my knee, which is not flattering) & to have a nice heel – it can affect how your leg looks, really. I’ve found a few pairs that are very nice, but unfortunately I do not have stick legs, like shoe manufacturers seem to think. I do not mind spending a fair wedge on them if they’re good quality & will stand the test of time – like the brown ones I bought in Office about a million years ago (it was actually about 4/5, but feel like I’ve had them forever). Ive actually found a pair that I love, from Dune, but the zip doesn’t fully go up – theres about 2/3inches to go. So I’m going to speak to my cobbler – they are absolute masters at what they do – and see if they can be stretched before I spend the money.

On another note, a good cobbler. Find one. If they do their job properly you can save yourself a fortune on shoes. A simple re-heel or re-sole can give your shoe a new lease of life, and if they’re good, they can often repair the damage to leather on a heel and make it look brand new again or repair the stitching on a handbag. I’ve found my local to be the best, and they often give me tips on minding my shoes to make them last as long as possible

‘Til next time……

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