New year, new start

So, today is New Year’s Eve, and for many it’s the kick start they use to bring in changes they want for themselves. They make resolutions that they will try to stick to (but often don’t) for the next twelve months. I’ve never really been one for resolutions, and this year is no different. Of course I plan on doing things but they’re not going to be a solid statement. I’m not going to say “I will drop 2 dress sizes by this time next year” because that may not happen, I just want to get myself fit & healthy, and eat properly & get more fresh air – much more reasonable & achievable yes?

But one that I think everyone should do is a decision to be kinder, to make more time for family & friends, to keep an eye on elderly neighbours, to smile & laugh more. I know these may not work for everyone but they work for me. So I will be taking this opportunity to start 2013 with a positive mentality and I would like to wish you all the best for the oncoming year!

I will have a clothes related blog up soon enough, promise!

‘Til next time……

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