Hair issues

So I am currently attempting to grow my hair, mainly to grow out the blond so I can get back to being the glossy brunette I really am. But in order to get rid of the blond (and not look like I’ve got a bad dip dye job going on) I need to get it cut. I’m also a bit sensitive after a fringe trim turned into a bit of a butcher job, it’s grown out now so I’ve decided it can be a side fringe instead of a full one so I don’t have to do that again.

Now I know I’m not alone in this, but I am very unwilling to go to the hairdressers because they rarely do it properly. I always ask for a trim when I want a good inch off coz that’s what will be lopped off my hair – why do they do that?! If you went into any other business & said “I would like that very specific amount of product” and they didn’t give that, there would be strong words said!!

There are stylists out there who will do exactly what you ask & nothing more. I had one. She was amazing, helped me find a style that covered my alopecia (that’s a story for another day) while still being long & gorgeous. And then she went on maternity leave & I had to find another stylist when I changed jobs and I don’t even know if she works in that salon anymore. *wails*

So I’m going to ignore my hair as long as possible & attempt to find my hairstylist again even if I look a bit strange ringing every branch of that chain!

‘Til next time……

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