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Keeping it local

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I reference a few independent retailers in my clothing blogs, and I just wanted to write a quick note about how I feel about them.

Independent retailers are something that seemed to fall away during the boom years, with massive rents being demanded only the giant companies could afford they became something of the past. But since the, ahem, downturn, I’ve started to notice smaller, newer, quirkier shops popping up all over the place. And I love it! I’m all for the bargains that H&M & Penneys can give you, but quite often (& this has happened to me more than I’d care to admit!) you will wear your awesome new top/dress/skirt/whatever on a night out or to a wedding, and there’ll be more than one person wearing it too!! Not the end of the world I know, but it deffo takes the shine off your purchase! So with an independent you’re more likely to get something a bit different!

There’s also the knowledge & information you’ll get from an independent. Chances are the person you speak to in the shop will be the person who orders & sources all the stock so can point out the advantages of one item over another, or will tell you to hang on because there’s more stock coming in! You will get more attention too. They can focus on you & get you what you want, because they are purely focused on what products they sell. This works for grocery & household (deffo a fan of going to a butcher for my meat, or a small hardware store for bits for the house) as well as clothing. Some of my favourite things have been bought in independent stores because I got the attention and information I wanted from the person in the shop!

Supporting a local shop over a chain does more than give you attention & information, or something different, it’s also supporting people in your community. These people probably live near you, and supporting their business helps keep money in the community by the wages they pay and the money they will then spend in the locality. So shop local, support the independents.

Rant over

*gets off rather tall horse*

‘Til next time……

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Birthday bonanza

So February kicked itself off as a month of birthdays (why are there so many?! What are people doing 9months beforehand???) with a celebration on every weekend so far, and the month isn’t over yet!

The first of them was a surprise party for himself’s aunt, so I was inspired by my blog about the humble black blazer (1 blazer, 5 looks) & started my look from there.

I wore the same black blazer from TopShop, I can’t believe I’ve had this so long – 9 years, and I balked at the price when I was buying it, but it shows you often get what you pay for! Under the blazer I wore this multi-coloured dress from Closet, a line carried by A-Wear, I love the nipped in waist, gathered detail, it’s not too revealing (very appropriate for a family party!) and it has pockets!! Always a winning attribute in my book. As it is still February and pretty cold, I wore opaque black tights with it. Goosebumps are not a good look. My shoes are from High Heels, orange skull clutch bag is from Fran&Jane & green bangle is from an independent jewellers in Dublin city called Rebecca Davis. I finished the look with a brown smokey eye, nude lips & lightly straightened hair.


Party two was my brothers birthday lunch with the family. As we were going to a very nice restaurant (Aqua in Howth, north Co. Dublin), I could do pretty without going whole hog. I wore this green tunic with navy detailing from Penneys – Ireland were playing a very critical rugby match that day too so I had to wear green of course! It still being cold I wore it with navy tights (the weird thing sticking out of the bottom of the dress), and these gold sparkley ballet pumps from Faith (they have concessions in Debenhams) and white clutch from Onyx – an independent bag shop near where I work. Make-up wise I went a bit more natural as it was daytime, so I just did some liquid eye liner into a flick with lots of mascara.


Party three was some drinks for my birthday (yay!), and as we were going to a very nice bar (Vintage Cockail Club) in the city centre I went for a very ladylike, grown up look. The black lace, peplum top is from Next, but as it’s very sheer & I didn’t want to be showing off my bra for the night, I wore the pink silk cami top underneath – second pic- I got this from Susan Hunter Lingerie but any thin strapped cami would be ok. My pink pencil skirt is from Fran&Jane, and this outfit is my new favourite creation. I was so comfortable all night. Shoes & bag are from Penneys, and the giant sparkley bangle is from Fran&Jane.



I also had this savage panda ring from DropDead GorJess, gotta love the pandas!


For my make up I did a grey smokey eye with liquid eye liner and a lot of mascara – there would have been lashes if I’d remembered to buy glue *face palm*.

Last but not least was a family dinner for my birthday – the more celebrations I can milk the better! As it was going to be in my parents house I could go low key. I went with this striped boucle jacket from ASOS, over a v-neck white t-shirt from Zara – I have about 6 of these tees, they are such a good investment! Skinny jeans are from the “curve” range from Levi’s, bag is from Onyx – as before, lace up shoe boots are from New Look, and my wooden beads are from Penneys. A messy pony tail and natural make up finished off the look.


‘Til next time……

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Ticket prices

So tickets for Beyoncé went on priority sale this morn (via O2), and I put out feelers (asked my mum to use her priority status) to get my hands on a pair. They sold out in 15mins. I didn’t get any. But at a starting price of €74 (well probably closer to €80 when ticketmaster have added their credit card charge per ticket on) I’m not that bothered.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to see queen Bey strut her stuff but that is a fairly hefty price tag. I don’t think I’d pay that much for a snow patrol gig – and I am willing to pay a lot for a ticket to their gigs. I know tickets here in Ireland are generally a bit pricier than the rest of our European counterparts due to licensing issues etc but come on, €74?!? To start! I think that money is better going towards my deposit for a mortgage or even just going into savings.

Rant over.

‘Til next time……

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