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There are some realisations that I’ve come to recently that have forced gently nudged me to wise up to the fact that life is short. I am not indestructible. This didn’t come about from one incident, this has been building in my mind for a while now & it has become my new philosophy/mantra/whatever. Life is short, enjoy it. I’m not saying to go out and spend all your money on crap, or to eat all the bad food ( ALL OF IT!) you can get your hands on. What I’m saying is that I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes doing what you want is good. But mainly it’s about telling your friends & family how much you love & appreciate them, making time for you – whether it’s sitting & listening to your favourite music, watching a beloved film, or going for a walk, or enjoying all that life has to offer.

I for one will be spending a lot more time with my parents and siblings – because they’re just plain awesome – & as much time with my friends as possible, doing things with himself now rather than in the future, jumping in puddles as much as I can, not giving a shit if my clothes get dirty coz I’m having silly fun (this doesn’t really bother me that much anyway) and just being happy in general. This is my philosophy, I’m not trying to tell anyone else what to do, but I will be doing what makes me happy as much as possible and making memories to make me smile when I can’t get away with shenanigans like this anymore.

So there.

‘Til next time……

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