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1 shirt, 4 looks

So today I wanted to do an entry devoted to the humble white shirt. A white shirt like this beauty right here.


Personally I like to wear men’s shirts, this is generally because as a taller than average woman most women’s shirts are too short on the body, but men’s are perfect! They’re also not as fitted as women’s – aka I can actually close them across the bust, I can move my arms with ease because they fit across the shoulders! Which is amazing. My own shirt is from Penneys (Primark in the UK), and is such a good basic for any wardrobe as it works with every look – as I’m going to show now.

First look is one that I like to wear during the summer if I’m going to a BBQ or drinks in a beer garden with friends, as it’s always nice to dress up a little while staying comfy & you’re covered if the BBQ moves onto a bar/nightclub as it so often does with my friends.


Shirt from Penneys, shorts are from Gap, belt from H&M, wedges & bag are also from Penneys and they throw a nice bit of colour into the whole outfit. Khaki coloured shorts would also work really well with this outfit. You could also throw a pop of colour into the outfit with a strong coloured bra – it will show through the shirt so make sure it’s a nice one!

Look 2:
I’ll be honest I saw a Jessica Alba wearing something akin to this & it inspired this look & the whole blog as a result. I love the bright colours, they’re just so summery. This outfit would be perfect for an event similar to look one, a dinner with friends, a gig, a date or a family occasion.


Shirt from Penneys, coral jeans from Oasis, blazer, nude shoes & bag are all from Penneys. If you weren’t keen on the contrasting colours I’ve used, or they don’t suit you, try it with two colours like a yellow jeans & blue blazer combination or even red & pink. Contrasting is the way to go with this, but keep your shoes & accessories neutral, let the contrast do the talking.

Look 3:
This I though would be nice as a bit of a sophisticated look, for a date, dinner or as an outfit for a night out. It would work with both tights & bare legs, as well as heels & flats, so is not restricted to how I have it.


Shirt from Penneys, red polka dot, high waisted skirt is from the Fusion line in Monsoon (love that it has pockets), shoes were given to me by a friend, and the red bag is from Fran&Jane. For a night out wearing this I would probably wear my hair up in a very volumised pony or down in a curly blow dry. Make-up would be very subtle with liquid liner & a lot of mascara. Let the red skirt & bag do the talking.

Look 4:
My last look. I wanted to do something that would be a bit more day to day friendly, that could be worn in the workplace if wanted.


Shirt from Penneys, skirt from New Look, leopard print ballet flats from Penneys & bright necklace from Fran&Jane (as discussed in my last blog). I’ve worn similar outfits to this on nights out, but have added black braces to make it a bit more fun. A pair of opaque tights would bring it into winter months too.

So there are my thoughts from the last few days.

‘Til next time……

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Raindrops on roses

And whiskers on kittens….

These are a few of my favourite (newly bought) things! Yippee!

Yes I’m very excited, I went shopping (yay!) and I get to talk about the things that I bought (double yay! Himself can only feign so much “yes it’s pretty” before I melt his brain).

First up are these coral slipper type shoes & beaded sandals, both from Penneys (& both were under a tenner each!). Yes I know it’s still baltic out, but its now April so summer has to arrive soon. Right?! I love ballet flats, and have far too many to count, because they go with everything and can often be a very comfy alternative to heels.

I just loved the colour of the slippers, it screamed sunshine to me. I plan on teaming them with turned up jeans & a white tee, with a blazer or chunky cardi.


As for the sandals, I know we don’t get that many sunny days here in Dublin, but with holidays being planned, and the summer stock coming into shops in February (why? Why does this happen?) everything would be gone by the time the sunshine actually deigns to appear. Plus they’re pretty. And it’s always good when they have a strap around the ankle like that, supports the foot a bit better. With the beaded detailing on the main foot section they could be seen as slightly more dressy than a standard plain one.


This necklace is something I’ve been eyeing up for a while now, it’s been in the window of the Fran & Jane near my work & I’ve been trying to convince myself that I don’t actually need it. Yeah that didn’t happen.


I know that a lot of companies have brought out similar styles and colours to this but i just loved the combination of colours used & the shape of it. I have no occasion (as of yet) that I know I’ll get to wear it but I already have 6 outfits planned! Ha! I think it would look great casually with this green maxi I bought in the Next sale last summer, or dressy with the black dress from ASOS that I wore for Christmas or even with a plain tee, skinnies & a leather jacket where it would brighten up the whole look. There are so many options.


So that’s my excitement for the week. Not very exciting I know, but it’s the little things!

‘Til next time……

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