1 shirt, 4 looks

So today I wanted to do an entry devoted to the humble white shirt. A white shirt like this beauty right here.


Personally I like to wear men’s shirts, this is generally because as a taller than average woman most women’s shirts are too short on the body, but men’s are perfect! They’re also not as fitted as women’s – aka I can actually close them across the bust, I can move my arms with ease because they fit across the shoulders! Which is amazing. My own shirt is from Penneys (Primark in the UK), and is such a good basic for any wardrobe as it works with every look – as I’m going to show now.

First look is one that I like to wear during the summer if I’m going to a BBQ or drinks in a beer garden with friends, as it’s always nice to dress up a little while staying comfy & you’re covered if the BBQ moves onto a bar/nightclub as it so often does with my friends.


Shirt from Penneys, shorts are from Gap, belt from H&M, wedges & bag are also from Penneys and they throw a nice bit of colour into the whole outfit. Khaki coloured shorts would also work really well with this outfit. You could also throw a pop of colour into the outfit with a strong coloured bra – it will show through the shirt so make sure it’s a nice one!

Look 2:
I’ll be honest I saw a Jessica Alba wearing something akin to this & it inspired this look & the whole blog as a result. I love the bright colours, they’re just so summery. This outfit would be perfect for an event similar to look one, a dinner with friends, a gig, a date or a family occasion.


Shirt from Penneys, coral jeans from Oasis, blazer, nude shoes & bag are all from Penneys. If you weren’t keen on the contrasting colours I’ve used, or they don’t suit you, try it with two colours like a yellow jeans & blue blazer combination or even red & pink. Contrasting is the way to go with this, but keep your shoes & accessories neutral, let the contrast do the talking.

Look 3:
This I though would be nice as a bit of a sophisticated look, for a date, dinner or as an outfit for a night out. It would work with both tights & bare legs, as well as heels & flats, so is not restricted to how I have it.


Shirt from Penneys, red polka dot, high waisted skirt is from the Fusion line in Monsoon (love that it has pockets), shoes were given to me by a friend, and the red bag is from Fran&Jane. For a night out wearing this I would probably wear my hair up in a very volumised pony or down in a curly blow dry. Make-up would be very subtle with liquid liner & a lot of mascara. Let the red skirt & bag do the talking.

Look 4:
My last look. I wanted to do something that would be a bit more day to day friendly, that could be worn in the workplace if wanted.


Shirt from Penneys, skirt from New Look, leopard print ballet flats from Penneys & bright necklace from Fran&Jane (as discussed in my last blog). I’ve worn similar outfits to this on nights out, but have added black braces to make it a bit more fun. A pair of opaque tights would bring it into winter months too.

So there are my thoughts from the last few days.

‘Til next time……

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