Revelations of maturity

When did I become a grown up?

Honestly, this is something that has dawned on me quite recently. You would think that being at the crappy fabulous age of 29, I would’ve had this epiphany before now, but no. I was always fairly sure I was going to be the brat of the group, I can be quite floaty & flakey so never saw myself as properly putting down roots anywhere.

But that was pre himself, and now we’re looking at properly setting up shop and buying a house. Yes this house buying is the nail in the grown up revelation coffin (does that even make sense?) that has given me a kick up the arse that I am now a grown up.

It doesn’t freak me out. Ok, it doesn’t freak me out that much. I’m quite excited about this new adventure. Having space that’s all mine – anyone that spent their childhood & early teens sharing a room with two sisters will understand that- to do with what I want. Also, having gotten my mental years of travelling, partying, all nighters, festivals and general random actions out of my system*, I don’t have any “what ifs” about this.

‘Til next time……

*Festivals aren’t completely out of my system, I just don’t think I’d be able for the camping part anymore, gimme a campervan or a posh teepee and I’m all over that!

*** it also shows massive levels of maturity that you don’t even contemplate trying to find the money for Snow Patrol tickets because saving is more of a priority! Gah! Being a grown up sucks ass!!

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