So I tend to be inspired clothes wise by everything, whether it’s how a character has been styled on a tv show or film, a celebrity in their down time or just people on the street. For example in my late teens/early twenties I was massively inspired by Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy, the slim it boot cut jeans with pointy toe high heels, and leather jacket or by Rachel Bilson in the OC with her preppy lady like classic style.

And I felt like sharing a few ladies who have inspired me this week fashion wise.

First up we have Clare Bowen, who plays Scarlett in Nashville. I love how the stylist has her in pretty tea dresses, belted waists, knee socks & the requisite cowboy boots. Her look is deffo one I would love to wear on a daily basis, and one I would if I had the balls! (Tea dresses I have & do wear but don’t think I could pull off the knee socks & not look like a crazy person!) Just don’t get me started on her amazing hair!! I’m very jealous of girls with long, naturally curly hair!

Secondly we have Khloe Kardashian. The woman always looks seriously hot. As a fellow tall ‘n’ curvy she gets my approval, as she deffo knows how to work those curves whether it’s a pair of jeans and a fabulous top or a body con dress, she looks great.

Last but not least is the great K-Middy. The Duchess always looks so polished and groomed, but comfortable in what she’s wearing. I don’t even need to discuss her ability to sell a trend, because I am deffo not alone in my adoration of what she wears because everything, everything, she wears sells out in record time.

I’m always a fan of simple classic items like a Breton tee, black blazer, skinnies & ballet pumps – and I think that’s what I’ll wear today!


So there’s my range of inspiration, all very different, all very similar at the same time.

‘Til next time……

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