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What’s that weird thing in the sky?

About a week ago something happened here in Ireland, it’s been here everyday since. People, the sun made an appearance. I know. Generally you would expect sunshine on a regular basis from May, and definitely June. I say generally because we don’t have such luck here in Ireland. We usually get a couple of days where it might reach 23/24 degrees Celsius (don’t laugh, that counts as a scorcher here!) but it has been at least 15 degrees every day for the last 7-10 days. Unheard of.

So unsurprisingly the country has shut down (not really, but everyone is in slow mode). And sales of bbq’s, beer, burgers & ice pops have gone through the roof – most shops have sold out. sold out. What was fantastic was that we had the sunshine for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon last Monday – I did it for the Lynsey Cribbin Trust (she has a Facebook page), & walking/running 10km with 40,000+ women would not have been good in the rain. So many of us caught a bit too much sun – myself included.

With this fabulous weather set to change this week 😞 I am taking full advantage of it. I am even wearing shorts. SHORTS. (Under Armour’s “play up” short in water if you must know!) And I may even go lie on the balcony!

‘Til next time……

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