It’s back!

So the sun has reappeared, yay! I for one will be furiously tearing my wardrobe apart trying to find my work appropriate shorts & skirts in a bid to get as much sun on my skin as possible before it disappears behind a cloud!

I have guilted himself into many a walk, but when the rain returns I will be so happy I got myself out there. Sunshine is for lying in the park on your lunch break, spending time with friends (in the beer garden? Well if you insist!) and smiling at everyone. Because that’s what happens here in Ireland, we may whinge about it being too hot (I don’t know who those people are, btw) but a bit of sunshine does wonders for the mood for the entire country. If our government decided to do the budget now, I think everyone would take it a bit easier – if they cared at all!

And for the first time in ages, when we refer to the summer of 2013, we can’t joke that it “was a Tuesday, in May”.


‘Til next time……

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