Today’s outfit (13/9/13)

So today (Friday the 13th, dundundun…) I went to the wedding of a really good friend. I decided to wear my favourite dress for the day. The cherry print 1950s style dress & white petticoat underneath are from Pretty Kitty Fashion, and it is incredibly comfortable. I’m a huge fan of this style, and if you wanted more choice in this style, check out Dollydagger Boutique too. I nipped in the waist with a green belt that came on a different dress – a red ribbon came with the dress but I wanted something a bit more simple. My green wedges & lace shoulder cardigan are both from Penneys, and my fab red patent clutch is from Fran&Jane .


‘Til next time……

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2 thoughts on “Today’s outfit (13/9/13)

  1. Very pretty dress! Loving it so much! Also, the way you have styled this dress looks great! Teaming the dress with a pair of green wedges is a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing 🙂
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  2. Sharon says:

    Loads of people at the wedding commented on your dress. I particularly loved the caveat, ‘If I can’t wear it to your wedding, I’ll never be able to wear it!’. Hopefully it lived up to your expectations 😉

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