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Long-term Goal Setting: Some tips for getting started


Delectable distractions

So recently I’ve been a bit distracted & not giving my blog it’s deserving attention! Apologies for that!

But I have recently become an aunt for the first time so I hope you can forgive the radio silence! My time has most recently been spent going to London to spend time with my sister before she had her baby, and have an afternoon tea/ baby shower for her. With baby showers being a fairly new thing in Ireland I wasn’t entirely sure what i was needed to do decorations or games wise, but Pinterest saved the day. I am a fairly late convert to this wondrous app & it’s fair to say I’m fairly obsessed.

Any who, so this has taken up my time. This and getting a furry baby of my own – myself & himself have gotten a puppy. He is a wee terror but we can’t help but adore him. Training has begun so wish me luck with that. And while he’s chewing every pair of shoes and trousers I wear, my outfits have become more practical for the moment, but ensemble fabulousness will resume shortly!

‘Til next time……

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