Puppy perfection

I know, I know, I am very crap at this lately! Apologies!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently gotten a puppy, who is now no longer puppy sized. He is nearly 5months old & bigger than some fully grown dogs.

We’re going to need a bigger boat.

Having been around lots of dogs I knew that they needed lots of work, attention & love, but I’d never trained one before. Multiple kittens yes, but no puppies. Thankfully he’s a smart as anything & picks up training fairly quickly, but we did get some help from a puppy socialisation & training class with the fantastic Ciara in The Dog Den , who we were referred to by our brilliant vet. She reassured us that he was completely normal – and explained a few of the mannerisms we’d been perplexed by.

So I just wanted to explain why I had been so quiet lately, puppy = no nice clothes being taken out! 😉

And you try to stay away from this face!
<br />


But I’m off to London with himself for my very handsome nephew’s christening so there will be many a photo of an outfit happening!!

‘Til next time……

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