Today’s outfit (31/1/14)

This evening I went to dinner (Farmer Browns if you’re wondering) for a friend’s birthday. It was all very dressy casual, so I wore this purple wrap top from French Connection, skinny flare jeans from AWear, black blazer from TopShop with a furry gilet underneath for warmth, skull print scarf & bag from Fran & Jane.


I also wore shoes I haven’t worn in forever because my first choice need to be re-heeled, and I forgot how comfy they are! They will be getting another wear soon! They are from Office, and are about 8 years old but have stood the test. I remember feeling a bit guilty about spending €60/70 on them at the time but I guess they were worth it! (I also have them in blue!)


please ignore my snazzy gold insoles!

Make up wise I did a subtle smokey eye using browns & purples. I used a no17 blusher (in plum puff) that I bought by mistake & then realised it was too purple for my colouring so have been using it as an eye shadow since, and the lighter of the two browns in Nars’ Cordura.

My hair I did a reverse plait on one side to keep all the little hairs (from my fringe) back, & then put the rest into a messy bun at the base of my skull. To reverse the dullness that can be caused by dry shampoo (a necessity if you’re going to be handling all those hairs around your face repeatedly) I used Revlon
Style Masters shine spray.

‘Til next time……

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