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Today’s outfit (22/3/14)

My friend Gemma is home from Australia for a few weeks, well she has been home for a few weeks, so we went out for a few casual drinks (you know it will never be just a couple of drinks!).

I wore this electric blue blazer (since it’s still baltic here even though the sun has started to show) from H&M, adding some colour to an otherwise plain & neutral outfit. The long line white tank is from H&M, and the dark grey one underneath is from TopShop, the indigo skinnies are from Penneys (aka Primark), & lace up, high heeled, brogues are from New Look.

The accessories are a black quilted bag & large gold bangle, both from Penneys, and some skinny gold hoop earrings from Accesorize. For my hair a did a ponytail with a lot of volume on the head, and a brown smokey eye.


‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (20/3/14)

Today I’m wearing a striped round neck jumper from AWear, with a pink airtex from Nike underneath (love a collar under a jumper) – with a long black tank from H&M underneath that. Jeans are from Levi’s curve range, and navy converse. Comfy for work & smart looking too.


‘Til next time……

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La Feile Padraig

Happy St Patricks day everyone, I hope you’re decked out in your green finery!!

Have a great day, listen to some trad music, watch The Snapper (if you’ve never heard of it, hit IMDB, it will change your life*), and read the children of lir or tir na nóg. Embrace your Irish roots (even if there isn’t a sniff of an Irish person for 100 years in your family tree!).

And btw it’s PADDY NOT Patty. Patrick is the anglicised version of Padraig, ergo Paddy. Take it from an Irish person who was born here & lives here, you will get a clip across the head if you use the wrong one. There’s a hashtag on twitter & everything.

‘Til next time……

*it won’t, but it will make you laugh, a lot!

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Mammy Europe


I never learnt anything about Europe in school and I have to say I wasn’t particularly interested in finding out anything for myself. Like most of my peers, Europe to me is a sort of ‘castle in the clouds’ type concept, people tell me its there but I’ve never been entirely sure how its impacted on my life. That all changed for me recently.Image

In February I was invited to take part in a delegation brought to Europe by Women for Election and the European Commission, needless to say I got a somewhat rude awakening, in the nicest possible manner.

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Today’s outfit (8/3/14)

Today is all about comfort, after the high heels & fancy pants outfit yday I think it’s well deserved.

Today I am wearing this blue spotted jumper from Oasis (I bought it during the week in a spate of shopping to distract myself from stress – that’s another blog for another day), which I love because it’s long enough for my ridiculously long body but it’s also longer at the back! Win! I have the jumper over a basic white mans shirt from Penneys, with my Levi’s curve jeans and flowery ballet flats from Penneys.


See! Comfy!!!

This would be fairly cool with a big statement necklace too, and if I was wearing it out and about I might put my tweed blazer over for an extra layer, and would wear a satchel to finish off the whole (very preppy!) look!

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (7/3/14)

Himself & myself were invited to the wedding of one of his coworkers, and since Ireland is still fairly chilly in march I wanted something that wouldn’t mean I was goose pimple girl!


I wore this vibrant pink midi pencil skirt from Fran&Jane (mentioned in previous blogs) with a spotty silk cami top in a different but complimentary pink from Susan Hunter Lingerie, my mint green cardigan with lace detail on the shoulder from Penneys & the old reliable nude shoes & bag, also from Penneys.

For accessories I wore some delicate pearl drop earrings, a silver bangle and watch.

Make up I did a gentle smokey eye using lots of browns.

Needless to say Kate Middleton may have inspired this outfit!

‘Til next time……

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