La Feile Padraig

Happy St Patricks day everyone, I hope you’re decked out in your green finery!!

Have a great day, listen to some trad music, watch The Snapper (if you’ve never heard of it, hit IMDB, it will change your life*), and read the children of lir or tir na nóg. Embrace your Irish roots (even if there isn’t a sniff of an Irish person for 100 years in your family tree!).

And btw it’s PADDY NOT Patty. Patrick is the anglicised version of Padraig, ergo Paddy. Take it from an Irish person who was born here & lives here, you will get a clip across the head if you use the wrong one. There’s a hashtag on twitter & everything.

‘Til next time……

*it won’t, but it will make you laugh, a lot!

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