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A happy helping hand

Today I decided to join the “100 days of happiness” that all the cool kids are doing *cough* bandwagon jumper on-er *cough*. I like the idea of it, finding happiness in the simple things that we do every day. Reality can get you down so easily, and we forget how much great stuff we actually have going on, so I want to remind myself how awesome life actually is.

So for my day one, my happy is;

A walk on the beach, in the sun, with this boy.


See?! Simple!

I may do a post every day or sporadically, I don’t know, but I will be doing this!

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (19/04/14)

This evening myself & himself went to dinner in Findlaters Howth – we had the meat platter for two if you must know!, so it was an excuse to dress up a bit.


I wore this electric blue blazer (looks darker in the pic than it actually is, lighting in my room is a bit crap!) from H&M, cream chiffon tee with scalloped sleeves from Oasis, skinny jeans from Levi’s Curve, striped wedges from River Island (if wedges are good enough for K-Middy, they’re good enough for me!) and clutch from Penneys.


I jazzed it up a bit with this vibrant pink lippy from the Kate Moss range from Rimmel.

‘Til next time……

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Mellow yellow

Recently I’ve been really drawn to the colour yellow, no idea why.

I just love the brightness of it, it always equals “happy” to me. It’s probably to do with our spring finally kicking in (although in comparison to the winter that some of ye had, we deffo got off easy here in Ireland) , the grand stretch in the evening (days being longer, if you’re wondering) and the fact that I don’t need 100 layers on me when I walk the dog in the mornings! All awesome, all spring time!

I’m not sure if I can pull off the colour yellow, would have to be a fairly strong & bright shade (without straying into the day-glo tones), and I would need to get cracking on the cocoa brown fake tan, if I’m to wear it, too.

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (7/4/14)

Today I have lots to do & lots of people to meet that I need to look quite smart for so I decided on this outfit.


My tweed blazer is from H&M, long sleeved grey top (which has thumb holes in the cuff!!) is from Under Armour, with a long purple tank from Jack Wills underneath. My skinny jeans are from Levi’s curve range, flowery ballet flats are from Penneys, my satchel is from Zatchels, and my scarf was a gift.

‘Til next time……

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