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I decided to listen to the soundtrack for Tron: Legacy while I was working yesterday. As a fan of (most of) what Daft Punk churn out, the soundtrack was a no brainer – especially after seeing the film. It still gives me goosebumps. I can’t really work out how to put in a video, but this is “Derezzed” from the soundtrack, video via Disneys YouTube channel.

So if you’ve never seen the film, rent it, and if you haven’t paid attention to the music: YouTube it. And then buy/ download the album.

Go. Go now.

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (25/05/2014)

Today is my day off, so that means I get to bring the dog on a big walk where I can let him off to just run (& run, & run….he’s part Irish setter so needs a lot of running) so I need to wear stuff that’s stretchy & comfy.


Leggings are the “filament” running tight from Nike – I know they come in loads of seasonal colours as well as plain black. The slouchy grey tank is from the Under Armour Studio range, with one of their “victory” tanks underneath. Obviously this is Ireland so I’ll need a hoody on top – I love the “storm” ones from Under Armour, with them being water resistant and cosy, they do the job. And to finish off my outfit – which looks very like I’ve been dressed by the brand, but I just love their stuff!, I use their hair bands. They did these great neon colours last year but have only seen black and white this time around.


For my runners – I won’t show a pic because they are in need of replacing so are fairly manky looking!, I cannot enthuse enough about Asics’ Nimbus. As someone who walks on the middle to outside of my feet they are a gift! I could never understand why I got pains in my hips & knees with other brands, until I went into my local sports shop – an independent rather than a chain as I felt they would have better insight into their product ranges, and they sent me in the right direction.

So there we go! That’s my gym clothing recommendations!

‘Til next time……

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Friendship frustration

I came across this on Pinterest earlier, and it really rang true with me.


It’s so accurate about a few of my friends that it made me laugh. I met some of my closest friends in college and they’re the ones that are still knocking about. Two of which were in my class and decided that we were friends and I pretty much had no choice in the matter. My bestie once said “If I decide I’m friends with someone they don’t really have a choice, I’m like a bulldog, I just latch on & don’t let go”. And it’s true. She’s halfway around the world and it’s the exact same – albeit a little easier for me to avoid her, JOKE!

When you reach the dirty thirty club it’s all about quality & not quantity.

‘Til next time……


Today’s outfit (07/05/14)

Himself bought me tickets & a hotel visit to go see Katy Perry in Belfast as my Christmas present so this week we went up to see her.

I knew I’d be doing a lot of dancing, and we were in the standing section so I wanted to make sure I was going to be comfy!


I wore these black hidden high top wedges from Next, leather look leggings from American Apparel, a long black tank from H&M, a coral embellished shoulder loose fit tee from Cotton On, and my “leather”, ahem, bomber from Penneys.

I kept the accessories simple with a very large gold bangle from Penneys, gold hoop earrings from Accesorize, and a black quilted bag with gold metal work from Penneys.

For my make up I went all out, if you can’t do fake lashes, smokey eye & glitter at a Katy Perry concert when can you?!


‘Til next time……

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