Buffy bonanza

With summer time telly being absolute pants, well telly in general is pants, but all the shows I watch are finishing up around now, and the World Cup being on (yawn) I have been hiding upstairs watching many a boxset.

I started on season seven of Buffy last night – didn’t watch 1 to 6, just fancied watching the last season. And she is a fantastically empowered female character. The woman has a whole show dedicated to her kicking ass. Not too shabby. Thanks Mr Whedon!

I also watched season one of Supernatural last week.

I’m sensing a theme of mystical based tv shows. It’s probably why, when a light in a corridor in work started flickering, my first instinct was what can I use as a weapon & where is the salt. At least I’ll be able to defend myself should I come into contact with a vampire/demon/ghost/whatever.

Also, Buffy had a savage wardrobe.

‘Til next time……

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