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Smarty smarts…

I’m sure I’m not the first to come with this, and if it’s even a smart plan to put it online or not…but anyway! So many people have iPhones, smart phones, blackberrys, whatever, these days. And most of these have personalised locking codes. What happens if you have an accident/get knocked unconscious & your next of kin is needed to be contacted?! Android & apple should have a designated emergency section in their settings where you put in three numbers so if your phone is locked and it’s selected to ring emergency contact #1, and then it offers #2 & 3 if 1 can’t be contacted, from the locked screen.

Does that make sense to anyone else?!

Anyway, brain wave over…ooooh sparkles!!

‘Til next time……

*amendment 29/11/2014*

I must be psychic or something! Because having done my update on my iPhone to whatever iOS were at at the moment, I discovered there is now a “medical id” in the “emergency” choice in the locked screen. Clever work apple, slow, but you eventually got there *cheeky face*

‘Til next time……

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Nail varnish vanity

I’m fond of clothes & shoes & bags & accessories, let me get that our first. Make up I’m passable at. Hair: meh, it’ll do. Nails: not so much. Nails I like to have painted, but I’m not very good at it. I usually end up with most of the colour around the nail – which I then pick off when it dries. Prob not very good for the skin there, but what can you do!! Also, I work in a job where I spend most of my days opening boxes, rifling through rails of clothes, carrying things…all things that bang off my hands & nails, so if they’re painted, they chip. No discussion.

My toes I have no issue with painting, I can be messy with the paint & no one will see. So it’s all good. I love to use colours on my toes – lately been loving GOSH (miss minty) & Rimmel for their fashion colours.

When it comes to my fingers though, unless it’s for a special occasion or they’re being done by a professional – which people of the world, is not cheap in Ireland (unless someone is doing a nixer in their house) so is a rare occurrence (last time I had them done, was when my lovely friends took me to Fifth Avenue in town as part of my birthday present), I will stick to neutral, pale shades. My most recent discovery has been the brand Essie – yes yes, I know, late to the party as usual!, and they are the only brand that doesn’t chip if I have it on in work. Well, not immediately anyway. I have only just started my collection, but am a big fan of “ballet slippers” and “sand tropez” (pictured) so far.


So there you go, that’s my endorsement for the week!

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (10/08/2014)

Yes I know I have been very lax as of late with postings, but I’ve had a small matter of finally getting the keys to my, MY, house and then having to gut it & organise many, many (many) tradesmen to come in & make it habitable before we move in. So apologies for that!

Today we went for brunch, as my brother is home for the weekend – my sister was home two weeks ago with my gorgeous nephew & there was a lunch then too but I forgot to document what I wore! So we went to The Winding Stair for a veeerrrry delicious brunch. Himself brought me there for my 30th birthday in February and their dinner is even better than their brunch!

Since it was just family it was a smart casual ensemble that was thrown together. My flower print ballet flats are from Penneys, cropped chinos are from Next (they are very comfortable, come in beige & a knee length version also!), flower print top I got in the Gap outlet in Bainbridge, and put a navy string cami from H&M underneath as it can be a bit booby – which I didn’t think would be very appropriate for brunch. My mint blazer is from Penneys & my bag in vintage.



I kept my make up and hair quite simple: hair straight & down, and natural make up with Benefit’s “frenched” lipstick to jazz it up. That lipstick has been discontinued, so if you can, buy it all. All of it. It is the best red lippy as it’s quite bright, without being orange, and it makes your teeth look super white!

So there you go!

‘Til next time……

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