Nail varnish vanity

I’m fond of clothes & shoes & bags & accessories, let me get that our first. Make up I’m passable at. Hair: meh, it’ll do. Nails: not so much. Nails I like to have painted, but I’m not very good at it. I usually end up with most of the colour around the nail – which I then pick off when it dries. Prob not very good for the skin there, but what can you do!! Also, I work in a job where I spend most of my days opening boxes, rifling through rails of clothes, carrying things…all things that bang off my hands & nails, so if they’re painted, they chip. No discussion.

My toes I have no issue with painting, I can be messy with the paint & no one will see. So it’s all good. I love to use colours on my toes – lately been loving GOSH (miss minty) & Rimmel for their fashion colours.

When it comes to my fingers though, unless it’s for a special occasion or they’re being done by a professional – which people of the world, is not cheap in Ireland (unless someone is doing a nixer in their house) so is a rare occurrence (last time I had them done, was when my lovely friends took me to Fifth Avenue in town as part of my birthday present), I will stick to neutral, pale shades. My most recent discovery has been the brand Essie – yes yes, I know, late to the party as usual!, and they are the only brand that doesn’t chip if I have it on in work. Well, not immediately anyway. I have only just started my collection, but am a big fan of “ballet slippers” and “sand tropez” (pictured) so far.


So there you go, that’s my endorsement for the week!

‘Til next time……

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