Smarty smarts…

I’m sure I’m not the first to come with this, and if it’s even a smart plan to put it online or not…but anyway! So many people have iPhones, smart phones, blackberrys, whatever, these days. And most of these have personalised locking codes. What happens if you have an accident/get knocked unconscious & your next of kin is needed to be contacted?! Android & apple should have a designated emergency section in their settings where you put in three numbers so if your phone is locked and it’s selected to ring emergency contact #1, and then it offers #2 & 3 if 1 can’t be contacted, from the locked screen.

Does that make sense to anyone else?!

Anyway, brain wave over…ooooh sparkles!!

‘Til next time……

*amendment 29/11/2014*

I must be psychic or something! Because having done my update on my iPhone to whatever iOS were at at the moment, I discovered there is now a “medical id” in the “emergency” choice in the locked screen. Clever work apple, slow, but you eventually got there *cheeky face*

‘Til next time……

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