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Stila lippy test

So Santa brought me this gorgeous lippy from Stila – which was very exciting as I was always, always, a Stila girl until they pulled out of Ireland & the UK. They’ve reappeared recently into some shops, so that makes me very very happy!



So I decided to test out the wearability of it on a day of constant chatting, with high levels of eating & drinking.

Firstly I found the wand to be a bit flimsy. On a paler colour where it wouldn’t be so obvious that you’d gone outside the lines a bit it probably wouldn’t have bothered me so much. But with red, where you have to have the lines absolutely perfect or else you end up like Miranda Sings, I wasn’t so impressed.

With some (very) careful application I was really impressed with the colour. And it smelled Ah-mazing. It felt really velvety and soft – so many lipsticks can dry out the lips.

Santa was told that the colour wouldn’t budge, and it didn’t. I had to reapply once as I accidentally wiped some off, but other than that initial wear the colour stayed strong.

One thing I did notice about it was that the colour really deepened as the day went on. It started off as a bright red, like a fire engine, and after six or so hours it had developed into a deep burgundy colour. Didn’t really bother me, as the colour was so consistent throughout the day, but just found it a bit strange.

So my verdict is:
– great colour
– great longevity
– great wear
– terrible wand for application
– strange deepening colour

I would recommend it, and wear it again as the positives definitely outweigh the teeny tiny negatives.

Santa bought me a different lippy & some gorgeous eyeshadows so I will be trying them out very soon.

‘Til next time……
**update** 27/05/2015

I gave this lippy another go over the weekend, figured maybe I hadn’t blotted properly last time or something, but the weird darkening happened again. The original layer was perfect but wore off from cups/glasses/cutlery so had to be reapplied, and that’s when the colour started to darken. Have used other red lipsticks with numerous re applications and this never happened. Odd. 
Again, ’til next time……

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Today’s Outfit (11/01/2015)

Today we have people for Sunday lunch so I wanted to make a bit of effort.


Flamingo print Dress is from Penneys, tights from Marks & Spencers, boots from Aldo.

I’m also trying out a lippy that Santa (ahem) brought me, and I’ll be putting up a post about that later.

‘Til next time……

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Outfit Opportunities

I had a really lovely Christmas, with a couple of days off (a rare thing in the world of retail) to spend with my family, himself & to just recharge the batteries. In my house, because we’re all grown up, we do secret Santa amongst the “children”, and my brother in law bought me this gorgeous dark (French?) navy midi skirt from UFashion – I may have been gushing about it on twitter, possibly.

(It doesn’t look as nice in the pic & on the hanger as it is on)

So I wanted to come up with some outfits that it would look nice in & here we are!


These two I thought would be nice and casual whilst still keeping a smart, pulled together look (the one on the left with the burgundy airtex is very Marisa Cooper from The OC). Both would look really nice with a pair of ballet flats, court heels, or pretty sandals in summer.

The one on the right could be “roughed” up a bit by throwing on a leather jacket over the striped h&m tee, (or a plain white one would be really nice too) and a pair of ankle boots or shoe boots like these ones:


The other combinations I came up with from my own clothes were:


The one on the left (long sleeved tee is from h&m) could be dressed up with a big statement necklace and shoe boots like those above, or a pair of nude court heels, or dressed down with a nice cardi, coloured tights and ballet flats (Office have some really lovely ones in stock all the time!). The one on the left is slightly more dressy to start with because of the sparkly shoulders, and the same dressing up/down would work for it. That short sleeved jumper is from F&F at Tesco & I’ve had it forever but there are plenty like it in the shops at the moment.

There are so many options as to how you could style it.

I also got some fabulous make up as part of my presents which I will be road testing asap so will write about them soon.

‘Til next time……

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