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Today’s outfit 23/02/2015

Today was a day hanging out with my parents (& my two boys) so I wanted to be nice & comfy.


Tweed blazer, anchor tee & long bright pink tank are all from H&M, grey skinnies are from Levis Curve & the mauve ballet flats are from Debenhams.

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit 21/02/2015

Today I am being taken on a magical mystery trip by himself for my birthday so I felt like putting on all the presents I’d bought for myself & one of the presents I’d gotten into an ensemble of comfiness but of worthy sartorial noting!


The blanket cape is from Oasis, with a furry gilet underneath for warmth, long sleeved pink top is from Under Armour Studio (with a burgundy long tank from h&m underneath but not seen), rolled up indigo skinny jeans from Levis Curve, and patterned ballet flats from Debenhams.

‘Til next time……

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Aussie dry shampoo test

As someone who generally has to use dry shampoo on a daily basis – owner of thin hair = limp, lifeless & meh looking even when I’ve been blow drying it upside down until all the blood is in my head! So dry shampoo gives my gruaig (hair) a bit of ooomph.

I’ve been using Batiste forever (since 2006!) and have tried other brands & found them too expensive for the size of the can/result that’s the same as the Batiste, or useless (that’d be the Boots own brand, did nothing!) so when I saw Aussie had brought a range out I got very excited!! They’re a little more expensive than the Batiste, but as someone who bulk buys in Boots (slight fan of their special offers!) the money usually works out the same!


Gave this one a go, and I am in luuuurrrrrvvveee!!
The process is super simple, spray on, rub in, brush out! It doesn’t dull the shine of my hair, and you don’t have that powdery residue left that has to be wiped off with a cloth that I always get with Batiste. No matter how much I rub it in it’s always there! Always. And! It gives my hair a bit of a lift too! PLUS!! My hair smells Ah-mazing!!

So I will deffo be buying this from now on!

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit 08/02/2015

For some reason this didn’t upload on Sunday. Odd, trying again now!

Today is a family lunch so can go fairly casual, but since my work week clothes are of the extreme casual type I like to look a bit more pulled together (even if it is just jeans & a tee!).


Heart print cardi is from ASOS, striped top & the dark green tank underneath are both H&M, dark green skinny jeans are from Next, and hidden wedge boots are from Aldo.

Ta da!

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit 01/02/2015

Today my parents came for food (we had moroccan chicken & cous cous from the Hairy Bikers cook book, if you’re wondering. And it was delicious!) so I put on something pretty!


Coral cardigan from Oasis
Anchor print tee & long black tank from H&M
Black skinny jeans & hidden wedge high tops from Next Directory

‘Til next time…..,

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