TréSemme trials 

I was lucky enough to be chosen for a trial period of TréSemme products via U Magazine recently. As I have fairly fine (but lots of it – as hairdressers love to tell me!!) hair that I can’t get a lot of volume myself with, they sent me the (giant!!) 24 hour body shampoo & conditioner.  

Normally if I left my hair to dry naturally it wouldn’t feel smooth, and would generally be a bit fluffy rather than wavy/curly. After using this my hair was much softer, and the fluff was minimised (so the conditioner is amazing!!) but overall my hair had much more ‘lift’ to it. And when I used the dryer – I’m a lazy user of the hair dryer; I just brush it upside down & away from its usual parting to try to give it a bit of oomph, it was still super soft, & had a good bit of lift!!

As I have that type of hair that needs to be washed every day (or stretched to every second day with some dry shampoo!) I tend to stay away from a lot of brands because the shampoo is creamy, but this was a gel shampoo, rinsed out easily and smelled lovely! (A nice clean smell, not an over powering perfume that some can have). And, the need for dry shampoo wasn’t as intense as it could be!!

I do want to give it a go with the proper night out hair do – rollers & hella back combing,  so I’ll update when I get around to doing that! 
But all in all, very pleased with the results & would deffo recommend it!! So go buy it!! NOOWWWWW!!! 

‘Til next time……

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