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Dry Shampoo Deliberations

I am a huge fan (huge, massive!) of dry shampoo. As someone who’s hair looks dirty on the day it’s been washed, and someone who is incredibly lazy and hates washing her hair every day (lets be honest!) they have been an absolute life saver. However some of them are far superior than others.

Before we get stuck in these are products that work/ don’t work for me. May work/not work for everyone.

My hair is fine in texture, but I have lots of it. And it gets oily very very easily – putting it behind my ears, smoothing, etc.

Boots own brand dry shampoo

Really reasonable price, nice smell but utterly useless on my hair. Does not blend properly and I was always left with white patches. Have resigned it to being my last resort. Would give it a 2/10.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo

This is a really good product. Lovely light texture, gave my hair a nice velvety feel, and minimal white before you rub it in- despite the contrary declaration on the can. It’s priced decently too ( around a fiver?). Only down fall is it isn’t quite heavy hitting enough for my hair, felt like I needed another blast if I was going anywhere in the everning. However is absolutely perfect for a freshen up (or preventative) before a night out. Would give it 7/10.

Aussie dry shampoo

Yes I know I reviewed a variant of this brand before but this is the big daddy of dry shampoo. This particular one is amazing, and my absolute go to. There is a lot of white when it’s sprayed, BUT it blends really really easily on. Hair has a good bit of texture and definitely has more volume (a win for my baby hair!). When brushing it out after you can deffo feel the texture. It’s so heavy hitting if you need to go for a second day of dry shampoo (I’m a docile for it so won’t judge) you barely need to top up. Downfall would be the price (around 6/7 Euro) and the fact that it’s not available everywhere. However Boots always seem to have a 3 for 2 or a 2 for €10 special on so I bulk buy then! Would give 9/10 for the price & availability.

The favourite still is Herbal Essences but I can’t seem to be able to get it anywhere anymore. Boo.

Also, I have been known to use talc as a stand in when I run out of dry shampoo – works just as well. I have light brown / dark blond hair – not sure if it would work on darker hair.

So there ya have it. If anyone else has a favourite dry shampoo they think I should try – pop it into the comments!!

‘Til next time……

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