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Orange obsession

I work with clothes all day, every day. Look at them, talk about them, create outfits. All day. And I love it.


However I have to wear black, all black – or current season stock (which usually doesn’t happen due to cash flow, or the fact that minimal appropriate clothing comes in in my size) – and closed toe shoes (health & safety, totally understand even though I’ve been cursing that rule during this heat wave). So when I’m on a day off & actually doing something I tend to go a bit mental!

For example; today was a family party to celebrate my cousins marriage (he got married abroad, and most couldn’t go), and it was a garden party. By garden party I mean that it was a party that happened to be in someone’s garden (read; on their patio) – I’m not that posh! So with the weather still being sound – dry & warm – I knew that it was the best chance to pull this beauty out of the wardrobe.

Orange Utility Dress – Eva Kayan (bought on sale in Kilkenny Shop)

Leopard print ballet flats – Penneys (Primark outside Ireland)

Bag – Marc Jacobs

Blue floor – probably artistic selection for location

So there ya have it. I like colours (ALL THE COLOURS!!) and an opportunity to wear completely unsupportive but oh so pretty shoes!

Also, my sister bought these super cute earrings for me as a surprise – she had bought a pair for herself and I’d been eyeing them up.

‘Til next time……

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Glorious Green

I was a guest at one of my best friends’ weddings yesterday so took full advantage of the opportunity to go full glam.

Outfit details;

Dress – Phase Eight (bought in the Debenhams summer sale)

Shoes – Dunne’s Stores (€15!!!)

Rose gold bag – Penney’s (Primark, €4)

Wedding was in Farnham Estate in Co Cavan and was a beautiful location. Stunning grounds, fabulous hotel (our room was MASSIVE!) and really delicious food!

All in all, a brilliant wedding!

‘Til next time……

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