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So, a very good friend of mine recently got her first (& second) tattoo(s). She got two in one sitting, both are gorgeous and got me a little jealous. But I have three already and there are only so many places I want them on my own body.

This got me thinking, about how tattoos are no longer the taboo subject they used to be. In fact as mentioned I have three, himself has a decent sized one and wants a second, and 90% of my friends have at least one. One of my friends, Karen aka Zombie Bunny Ink, is an incredibly talented tattoo artist and sports some of the most amazing tattoos you’ll ever see!

To me, tattoos are pieces of personal art that you get to carry with you on a daily basis. They can often be tied into life changes or symbolise significant moments, I know mine are/do.

Til next time……

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