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Birthday splurges

So as a birthday present to myself I bought myself two treats in the airport. Yves Saint Laurent mascara & Chanel lipstick. Have come to the realisation that spending a little more on products is much better for my skin! 

The mascara is ‘Faux Cils’ in waterproof black and it is AMAZING!! The brush looks a bit shit, esp compared to some high street brands, but it gives me insanely long lashes! I have quite long lashes anyway, but this is unreal!!! No need for falsies at all! 


(Please excuse the eyebrows – they are due a tidy in the beauticians – and the startled expression!)
I also bought this Chanel lippy. It’s a lovely subtle pink, and moisturises the lips with a lovely rose scent. The fact that it’s a stilo means that it is idiot proof for application which is also a win!! 

So there be my splurges!! 
‘Til next time……

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Dermalogica Facial

I went to my local beautician’s (Zinc Hair & Beauty) today for a Dermalogica facial today – all the poor food choice over the last few months were really showing on my skin.
Tanya worked her magic (and massaged the stress out of shoulders) and my skin already looks so much better! Determined to get one every six weeks (and eat healthily drinking lots of water) and am looking forward to seeing the improvements! 

I also invested in the take home kit to keep up the maintenance! 

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 25/10/15

My nephew was being christened, so that called for glamming up!!! 

(I had to brighten up the pic as the original was way too dark)

Grey short sleeve jumper (with black sequins on the shoulder) is from F&F (Tesco), midnight blue midi skirt from UFashion, black pointed toe heels from Penneys, white & black clutch from Onyx in Blackrock. 

Accessories consisted of gold drop earrings & bracelet from Stonechat in the Westbury Mall, and rose gold watch from DKNY. 

Also, I picked up this Rimmel eye liner & it is idiot proof – perfect feline flick the first try!!   

‘Til next time……

**edit 25/10/15**

See, idiot proof!! 

Mascara is wonder’ful by Rimmel 

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 20/09/2015

Today I was on a quick fire round trip to London to meet my new nephew (& hopefully get a cuddle with his older brother & my sister in at the same time!) so comfy was high on priority list!!


(Excuse the airport bathroom mirror selfie, didn’t think himself would appreciate the light being put on at 5am for a mirror selfie!)

Blanket cape is from Oasis (Spring 2015 – but they’ve very similar ones in at the moment!), checked shirt is men’s from Tommy Hilfiger – love a mans shirt as they’re so much longer & better across the shoulders (& bust), long tanks (grey & dark purple) are both from Jack Wills, dark indigo jeans are from Levis Curve, ankle boots are from New Look, orange bag is Longchamp & my watch is DKNY.

And these are the amazing products that made me look human at 5am & stayed put until I got home at 1am -after a delayed flight! (The 17 blusher is actually one I use for eyeshadow as it doesn’t suit on my cheeks) 
‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (09/08/2015)

Was meeting the girls for manis, lunch & catch ups today so I knew I could go quite comfy, but since my work clothes consist mainly of stretchy gym gear I wanted to wear something a bit nicer.  

Outfit is: navy cardigan from Oasis (with odd buttons as there weren’t enough replacements after my lunatic dog chewed them off!! So a pink one was put on the collar instead), anchor print tee & grey tank are from H&M, dark green stretch skinnies are from Next – they’re not quite skinny enough at the ankle but didn’t have time to search the shops!, ankle boots are from New Look, lime green bag is from  Zatchels, and my watch is DKNY. 

Got my nails done in 5th Avenue Nails on Wicklow Street – girls there are really nice & they do a fab job. The colour is by Essie, but I don’t know what it’s called (looks like a greeny – white in the bottle) – excuse the sausage fingers please!! 


‘Til next time……

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TréSemme trials 

I was lucky enough to be chosen for a trial period of TréSemme products via U Magazine recently. As I have fairly fine (but lots of it – as hairdressers love to tell me!!) hair that I can’t get a lot of volume myself with, they sent me the (giant!!) 24 hour body shampoo & conditioner.  

Normally if I left my hair to dry naturally it wouldn’t feel smooth, and would generally be a bit fluffy rather than wavy/curly. After using this my hair was much softer, and the fluff was minimised (so the conditioner is amazing!!) but overall my hair had much more ‘lift’ to it. And when I used the dryer – I’m a lazy user of the hair dryer; I just brush it upside down & away from its usual parting to try to give it a bit of oomph, it was still super soft, & had a good bit of lift!!

As I have that type of hair that needs to be washed every day (or stretched to every second day with some dry shampoo!) I tend to stay away from a lot of brands because the shampoo is creamy, but this was a gel shampoo, rinsed out easily and smelled lovely! (A nice clean smell, not an over powering perfume that some can have). And, the need for dry shampoo wasn’t as intense as it could be!!

I do want to give it a go with the proper night out hair do – rollers & hella back combing,  so I’ll update when I get around to doing that! 
But all in all, very pleased with the results & would deffo recommend it!! So go buy it!! NOOWWWWW!!! 

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit 21/02/2015

Today I am being taken on a magical mystery trip by himself for my birthday so I felt like putting on all the presents I’d bought for myself & one of the presents I’d gotten into an ensemble of comfiness but of worthy sartorial noting!


The blanket cape is from Oasis, with a furry gilet underneath for warmth, long sleeved pink top is from Under Armour Studio (with a burgundy long tank from h&m underneath but not seen), rolled up indigo skinny jeans from Levis Curve, and patterned ballet flats from Debenhams.

‘Til next time……

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