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Wedding prep…

So following my theme/ habit of a lifetime where I like to make things difficult, I am trying to extend my house and plan a wedding at the same time. Now in my defence, the application for remortgage went in last September (and the build started 4 weeks ago) – and we’re still fighting with the bank…….the less said on that the better because the rage that will follow is not something I wish to inflict on you lovely people! 
Planning a wedding! Yay!

I am lucky that I worked as a wedding coordinator for two very busy hotels, so I was able to know who I wanted straight off the bat & what type of wedding we would want. 
Things I learned as a wedding co-ordinator;

1 Your photographer is incredibly important, and prob the second booking you need to make (after your venue of course) as soon as you book your date. This person will be there from the prep to the 1st dance, catching all those special glances and moments. They need to be invisible and as stealthy as a cat but still smack bang in the middle so they catch the bold face a page boy pulls or the slight trip by the bride as she walks up the aisle – we all know this will be me! So do the research, take the time to look at style, and talk to them! Because if you can’t have the craic with them those smiles will always look forced! 

Two photographers I worked with loads were Elaine Barker and Alan Dunne, and would highly recommend both. 

2 It’s your day. Repeat after me. It’s your day. When the “suggestions” become overwhelming, let that become your mantra – but don’t slip into tyrant territory! No one wants to be the absolute horror story of a bride / groom that becomes the urban legend. So make the day you want, because you’re spending a fortune on it, you’d better enjoy it!  

3 Do not buy your wedding outfit with the expectation you will lose weight. You might. You might not. But you are marrying the person who loves you, warts & all. So don’t put yourself under that level of pressure. Planning a wedding is tough enough without being hangry all the time. Wear whatever makes you feel sensational! 

4 All anyone cares about it the food and the fun (usually influenced by the amount of drink!) so if you need to decide between favours for everyone or giving them all an extra glass of wine – pick wine. Always pick wine! Of course there will be oohs & aahs over the lovely room – because of course the venue you picked is fabulous! – but if the food is meh…yeah, you don’t want that. 

5 Enjoy it! You are embarking on a fun adventure with the person you love, and that’s all that’s important! 

So yeah, there we are! 
‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (09/08/2015)

Was meeting the girls for manis, lunch & catch ups today so I knew I could go quite comfy, but since my work clothes consist mainly of stretchy gym gear I wanted to wear something a bit nicer.  

Outfit is: navy cardigan from Oasis (with odd buttons as there weren’t enough replacements after my lunatic dog chewed them off!! So a pink one was put on the collar instead), anchor print tee & grey tank are from H&M, dark green stretch skinnies are from Next – they’re not quite skinny enough at the ankle but didn’t have time to search the shops!, ankle boots are from New Look, lime green bag is from  Zatchels, and my watch is DKNY. 

Got my nails done in 5th Avenue Nails on Wicklow Street – girls there are really nice & they do a fab job. The colour is by Essie, but I don’t know what it’s called (looks like a greeny – white in the bottle) – excuse the sausage fingers please!! 


‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 27/09/2014

Slightly late in getting this online, but better late than never right?! Saturday the 27th was the wedding of one of himself’s best friends, so the glad rags were pulled out & the make up was piled on!


With everything that we’ve had going on with the house I didn’t have a spare chance to go looking for something new to wear (lack of funds also had a high influence!) so I raided my sister’s wardrobe for a dress. And came up trumps with this beauty! The dress is from Monsoon, cardigan from Dunnes Stores, and shoes & clutch are from Penneys.

Make up was fairly natural with a strong brown smokey eye & nude lips, and hair was straightened, the top part volumised & clipped back.

So there ya go!!
‘Til next time……

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Friendship frustration

I came across this on Pinterest earlier, and it really rang true with me.


It’s so accurate about a few of my friends that it made me laugh. I met some of my closest friends in college and they’re the ones that are still knocking about. Two of which were in my class and decided that we were friends and I pretty much had no choice in the matter. My bestie once said “If I decide I’m friends with someone they don’t really have a choice, I’m like a bulldog, I just latch on & don’t let go”. And it’s true. She’s halfway around the world and it’s the exact same – albeit a little easier for me to avoid her, JOKE!

When you reach the dirty thirty club it’s all about quality & not quantity.

‘Til next time……


Today’s outfit (22/3/14)

My friend Gemma is home from Australia for a few weeks, well she has been home for a few weeks, so we went out for a few casual drinks (you know it will never be just a couple of drinks!).

I wore this electric blue blazer (since it’s still baltic here even though the sun has started to show) from H&M, adding some colour to an otherwise plain & neutral outfit. The long line white tank is from H&M, and the dark grey one underneath is from TopShop, the indigo skinnies are from Penneys (aka Primark), & lace up, high heeled, brogues are from New Look.

The accessories are a black quilted bag & large gold bangle, both from Penneys, and some skinny gold hoop earrings from Accesorize. For my hair a did a ponytail with a lot of volume on the head, and a brown smokey eye.


‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (31/1/14)

This evening I went to dinner (Farmer Browns if you’re wondering) for a friend’s birthday. It was all very dressy casual, so I wore this purple wrap top from French Connection, skinny flare jeans from AWear, black blazer from TopShop with a furry gilet underneath for warmth, skull print scarf & bag from Fran & Jane.


I also wore shoes I haven’t worn in forever because my first choice need to be re-heeled, and I forgot how comfy they are! They will be getting another wear soon! They are from Office, and are about 8 years old but have stood the test. I remember feeling a bit guilty about spending €60/70 on them at the time but I guess they were worth it! (I also have them in blue!)


please ignore my snazzy gold insoles!

Make up wise I did a subtle smokey eye using browns & purples. I used a no17 blusher (in plum puff) that I bought by mistake & then realised it was too purple for my colouring so have been using it as an eye shadow since, and the lighter of the two browns in Nars’ Cordura.

My hair I did a reverse plait on one side to keep all the little hairs (from my fringe) back, & then put the rest into a messy bun at the base of my skull. To reverse the dullness that can be caused by dry shampoo (a necessity if you’re going to be handling all those hairs around your face repeatedly) I used Revlon
Style Masters shine spray.

‘Til next time……

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Wonderful weekend whimsy!

Last weekend I went to Galway with my friend Orla (she writes a fab blog here too; nice simple things) for her thirtieth second twenty first birthday! Her dad lives in a small town (or is it a village? I’m not entirely sure how to determine which is which!) outside the city & he very kindly allowed us run riot utilise his house as he wasn’t going to be there, which was fairly awesome as it is an amazing house!

So after work on Friday we all piled into one of the girls’ cars & toddled on across the country with one tiny pee break for someone with the bladder of a small child (me!), and possibly a stop in Ballinasloe to make the birthday girl go into the most old man pub we could find & make her do a shot! As soon as we got to the house it was all very chilled out with a home made curry & wine!

On Saturday we wanted to go into the Christmas market in Eyre Square, and since it was cold I needed to layer up! What I wore was; my grey slouchy cardi from Gap, denim shirt from Penneys (or Primark), long grey tank from Jack Wills, black leggings from Danskin, boots from Office, blue scarf from Monsoon, & (odd) multi-coloured socks from Wacky Sox. Now Wacky Sox are my go to for winter under boots, and sometimes just as normal socks, because apart from keeping my bottom half of my legs warm, they’re proper sports socks designed for hockey & rugby so the soles are really cushioned and that means comfy feet all day long!


Saturday night was for fun!! We were going all out to nice bars & a very nice night club and we looked savage (if I do say so myself)! I wore my lace peplum top from Next, with a long black string top from H&M underneath, and a studded belt from Penneys around my waist, my “leather” leggings are from American Apparel, bag & sparkly bangles are from Fran&Jane, and my beautiful shoes are from


Pretty sure this picture will summarise the night;


Sunday was travelling so was in comfies!

‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (6/10/13)

This evening I get to go see Jay-Z & Timbaland in the O2 (Dublin) so I decided to wear something comfy enough for copious amounts of dancing, but was still pretty cool.


I wore this sparkle tee from Penneys, with a long black tank from Zoca Fitness underneath, my jeggings are from TopShop – uber comfy!, and my hidden wedge high tops are from Next. I topped it all off with a 3/4 sleeve “leather” bomber jacket from Penneys, and a taupe cross body slouchy bag with studding along the bottom from River Island.

I threw my lovely bracelets from Starlit Jewellery into the mix to add a bit of colour.


‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (13/9/13)

So today (Friday the 13th, dundundun…) I went to the wedding of a really good friend. I decided to wear my favourite dress for the day. The cherry print 1950s style dress & white petticoat underneath are from Pretty Kitty Fashion, and it is incredibly comfortable. I’m a huge fan of this style, and if you wanted more choice in this style, check out Dollydagger Boutique too. I nipped in the waist with a green belt that came on a different dress – a red ribbon came with the dress but I wanted something a bit more simple. My green wedges & lace shoulder cardigan are both from Penneys, and my fab red patent clutch is from Fran&Jane .


‘Til next time……

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Today’s outfit (24/8/13)

So today I went to spend time with a friend after work & wanted to talk about what I was wearing.



As it was only sitting in her kitchen I stayed in my comfy clothes. My denim shirt is from Penneys, grey skinnies are from Levi’s curve range, and my Wonder Woman converse were a Christmas present but they are available from Schuh.

So there you go! Comfy comfy!

‘Til next time……

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