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Honeymoon Happiness

We are just back from our honeymoon (we gave ourselves a few months after the wedding to unwind and really look forward to it – also, getting past Christmas beforehand was always gonna be a wise move!)

We went to St Lucia, after annoying the poor team in Trailfinders forever, and after some small hiccups chose the fabulous resort of Coconut Bay Beach.

After the 9hour flight from London we arrived to delicious 28degree heat (after leaving the snow in Dublin & London it was very welcome!!) and we were quickly in our resort – it is less than 5 minutes from the airport ( but we didn’t see more that 2 planes in 2 days, so it’s not in the main flight route). The team there greeted us with delicious cocktails and hot towels for our check in.

We had previously requested the adult only Harmony section of the resort and our room did not disappoint. Very comfortable beds, a large spacious room and a decent (if somewhat basic) bathroom.

(The view from our room on the evening we arrived)

Straight to the food (the most important!)

The resort has a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast is tasty, and offers a very large selection of western foods (pancakes, omelettes, waffles etc) as well as some delicious and local fresh fruits. Lunch we found to be under-whelming, and didn’t eat it there more than twice; we tended to eat from the Jerk Treehouse or Flip Flops. Dinner in the buffet was usually quite good – there were always loads of delicious fresh salads, different meats and fish (keeping S happy) and a counter with ribs / a roast lamb / etc which was good, while we were never blown away with flavours; it always was tasty.

In the resort there are 4 reservation only restaurants for dinner – Silk (Asian), Calabash (Caribbean), the Veranda (for the overflow from Calabash, with the same menu) and Capri (Italian).

We ate in Veranda during our first week, and were really looking forward to some authentic Caribbean food. What we were offered was a standard restaurant menu (surf & turf etc). The food was very tasty, but not what we were hoping for. What also lessened the experience was the fact that we were seated, and then ignored for nearly 30mins. A couple were seated after us, orders taken, and they seemed to have also gotten some sort of amuse bouche that we never got. Maybe they were on a different package to us, but still. There seemed to be too many, and yet not enough, staff on the section so that may have caused the confusion.

After the not so satisfactory experience in the Caribbean restaurant, we decided to give the Asian a miss but decided to try Capri a try during our second week – we always seemed to miss the window to make reservations on the day we wanted. Honestly it was so delicious, we wanted to eat there a second time for our last night but it was closed due to an event that was happening. I would highly recommend the Caesar salad (basic I know!) and S got delicious Mahi Mahi.

There is a dress code in all of the reservations of smart resort wear (chinos, collared shirts (no sports clothing) and closed toe shoes for men). S tended to wear chinos / chino shorts, deck shoes and either a shirt or a polo. I made a bit more of an effort on those nights with outfits like below;

All in all, we had a fabulous time, the staff were so friendly, they always had time for a joke & a chat – and always remembered you (we were the only Irish in the place, so that may have worked in our favour). I would recommend setting aside some money in the budget to do some of the tours. We only managed to to the Whale & Dolphins watching in our second week, and while we didn’t actually see any it was worth it so we could see some more of the island outside the resort.

We are already hoping to get back in a couple of years (once we’ve saved back up again!)

So in the meantime, I’ll have my memories

‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 25/12/15

Yes it’s a little late but I’ve been too busy, eeeehhhh, eating….. And working! Yes!! I’ve been working too! Ah the joys of the service industry!! 

Black courts (not really seen) are from Penneys / Primark, tulle skirt is from Cari’s Closet (sale for €20!!), black cardi is from Oasis, beads are Chanel, watch is DKNY, and ring is antique.

Christmas Day was its usual whirlwind of visiting and jamming as much into it as possible, before being able to take off the nice clothes & put on your jammies because (in the words of Regina George) “this is all that fits me right now”. 


‘Til next time……

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Outfit of the day 24/10/15

Today I was up at stupid o’clock (4am) again to get to the airport, so my ensemble is boring – but very comfortable for the long day we had ahead of us! 
Burgundy, wide collar coat is Savida for Dunnes Stores, scarf was a gift from Seville, black cardigan is Oasis, purple tank is Jack Wills, black skinnies are Next, pewter brogues are Clarks, & orange bag is Longchamp.
Tomorrow is the christening of my nephew so will have the outfit from that then! 
‘Til next time……

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Outfit Opportunities

I had a really lovely Christmas, with a couple of days off (a rare thing in the world of retail) to spend with my family, himself & to just recharge the batteries. In my house, because we’re all grown up, we do secret Santa amongst the “children”, and my brother in law bought me this gorgeous dark (French?) navy midi skirt from UFashion – I may have been gushing about it on twitter, possibly.

(It doesn’t look as nice in the pic & on the hanger as it is on)

So I wanted to come up with some outfits that it would look nice in & here we are!


These two I thought would be nice and casual whilst still keeping a smart, pulled together look (the one on the left with the burgundy airtex is very Marisa Cooper from The OC). Both would look really nice with a pair of ballet flats, court heels, or pretty sandals in summer.

The one on the right could be “roughed” up a bit by throwing on a leather jacket over the striped h&m tee, (or a plain white one would be really nice too) and a pair of ankle boots or shoe boots like these ones:


The other combinations I came up with from my own clothes were:


The one on the left (long sleeved tee is from h&m) could be dressed up with a big statement necklace and shoe boots like those above, or a pair of nude court heels, or dressed down with a nice cardi, coloured tights and ballet flats (Office have some really lovely ones in stock all the time!). The one on the left is slightly more dressy to start with because of the sparkly shoulders, and the same dressing up/down would work for it. That short sleeved jumper is from F&F at Tesco & I’ve had it forever but there are plenty like it in the shops at the moment.

There are so many options as to how you could style it.

I also got some fabulous make up as part of my presents which I will be road testing asap so will write about them soon.

‘Til next time……

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December dithering

Yes I know I have been a bit lax on the writing, so apologies for that! I mentioned previously that we’d bought a house (yipee!) and with the banks/government/same thing suddenly deciding to change the way they give out mortgages and the housing market deciding it’s healthy again, we were very lucky to get in when we did!

So our wee house is a very old house, a very old house indeed (I sang that in the tune of “our house” by madness) so it needed a lot of work. We got the keys in July & moved in at the end of September! And had two months without a kitchen after that. So needless to say the big day in December wasn’t exactly at the forefront of my mind. And I pretty much ignored it until this week – which you can imagine is fairly difficult when it’s EVERYWHERE & you work in retail.

So I will be one of those people who I have cursed for so long who comes into the shops in a blind panic the Sunday before the day, looking for things that have been out of stock for weeks, and buying anything that looks like it’ll remotely suit the receiver!

So eh, happy holidays, merry Christmas & a savagely amazing new year to all!!

With all the glamourising that will be going on over the few days, I will get a few outfit posts up. Promise!

‘Til next time……

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La Feile Padraig

Happy St Patricks day everyone, I hope you’re decked out in your green finery!!

Have a great day, listen to some trad music, watch The Snapper (if you’ve never heard of it, hit IMDB, it will change your life*), and read the children of lir or tir na nóg. Embrace your Irish roots (even if there isn’t a sniff of an Irish person for 100 years in your family tree!).

And btw it’s PADDY NOT Patty. Patrick is the anglicised version of Padraig, ergo Paddy. Take it from an Irish person who was born here & lives here, you will get a clip across the head if you use the wrong one. There’s a hashtag on twitter & everything.

‘Til next time……

*it won’t, but it will make you laugh, a lot!

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Wonderful weekend whimsy!

Last weekend I went to Galway with my friend Orla (she writes a fab blog here too; nice simple things) for her thirtieth second twenty first birthday! Her dad lives in a small town (or is it a village? I’m not entirely sure how to determine which is which!) outside the city & he very kindly allowed us run riot utilise his house as he wasn’t going to be there, which was fairly awesome as it is an amazing house!

So after work on Friday we all piled into one of the girls’ cars & toddled on across the country with one tiny pee break for someone with the bladder of a small child (me!), and possibly a stop in Ballinasloe to make the birthday girl go into the most old man pub we could find & make her do a shot! As soon as we got to the house it was all very chilled out with a home made curry & wine!

On Saturday we wanted to go into the Christmas market in Eyre Square, and since it was cold I needed to layer up! What I wore was; my grey slouchy cardi from Gap, denim shirt from Penneys (or Primark), long grey tank from Jack Wills, black leggings from Danskin, boots from Office, blue scarf from Monsoon, & (odd) multi-coloured socks from Wacky Sox. Now Wacky Sox are my go to for winter under boots, and sometimes just as normal socks, because apart from keeping my bottom half of my legs warm, they’re proper sports socks designed for hockey & rugby so the soles are really cushioned and that means comfy feet all day long!


Saturday night was for fun!! We were going all out to nice bars & a very nice night club and we looked savage (if I do say so myself)! I wore my lace peplum top from Next, with a long black string top from H&M underneath, and a studded belt from Penneys around my waist, my “leather” leggings are from American Apparel, bag & sparkly bangles are from Fran&Jane, and my beautiful shoes are from


Pretty sure this picture will summarise the night;


Sunday was travelling so was in comfies!

‘Til next time……

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Holidays & hang outs

So, apologies for no postings recently I’ve been on my holliers enjoying myself, and eating & drinking rings around myself! Good fun all round!

I’m not going to post about what I wore on holidays, well there will be two outfits, because I was there for 10 days & that’s a lot of outfits. So I will have a couple of outfits from holidays, and from things I’ve done since I’ve come home.

First up; I wore this outfit when sight-seeing – we went to the Titanic museum in Cherbourg, as its super comfy and looks very pretty at the same time. The white top is from A-Wear, I love the little chiffon flowers at the neckline – makes it a bit prettier than a normal tank/sleeveless tee. The skirt is from Zara – the rusty colour is such a good neutral to have for so many outfits, and it has pockets!! My little green satchel is from Penneys and the white espadrilles are from the local supermarket near where we were staying in France.


Second ensemble is what I wore for our (never ending) journey home, I wanted to be comfy for the train journey after the overnight boat. The striped top I picked up in Deacathlon – this absolutely amazing massive warehouse shop that sells everything because you cannot go to France & not pick up an authentic Breton tee! The jeans are from Levi’s curve range with the ends rolled up a few times & the espadrilles again are again from the local supermarket.


Third outfit is for when we went to the outdoor gig for Blur in the grounds of Kilmainham hospital, the week we came home. Having worked at far too many outdoor gigs in Ireland, and with the weather leading up to the gig being pretty manky I decided to play safe & keep dry. My boots are from Office – they’re ancient but you’ll probably get something similar elsewhere. The indigo jeggings are from TopShop, & white printed tee is from Lady Umbrella – have so many of their tees now, love their stuff. My yellow raincoat is from the souvenir shop at the Titanic museum in Cherbourg *hangs head in shame at buying clothes in a souvenir shop*, but I have been searching for a yellow rain coat forever, and I love how the cotton lining is striped. The satchel is as before.


Look four is an outfit for another goodbye drinks for a friend in The Grafton Lounge. The white blazer is from AWear – love the black lapel, gives it a bit of an edge. Underneath is a white tank is from TopShop, the gorgeous print skirt is from Promod (another sneaky holiday buy) – and it has pockets – starting to notice the thing for skirts/dresses with pockets is a bit strong! My shoes & large bangle are from Penneys, and the skull bag is from Fran&Jane .


Look five is from a birthday BBQ with himself’s family. My mint blazer is from Penneys, and the white v-neck tee (&navy cami underneath) is from H&M. The indigo skinnies are from Penneys, slippers are Jimmy Choo, and bag was my mums.



And lastly, look six. This one is one I wore just hanging out with my family. The grey cardi is from New Look, the polka dot top is from H&M – it has a ruffled neck & an elasticated nipped in waist & is super comfy but smart enough for work wear. The skinnies & leopard ballet flats are both from Penneys.


‘Til next time……

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What’s that weird thing in the sky?

About a week ago something happened here in Ireland, it’s been here everyday since. People, the sun made an appearance. I know. Generally you would expect sunshine on a regular basis from May, and definitely June. I say generally because we don’t have such luck here in Ireland. We usually get a couple of days where it might reach 23/24 degrees Celsius (don’t laugh, that counts as a scorcher here!) but it has been at least 15 degrees every day for the last 7-10 days. Unheard of.

So unsurprisingly the country has shut down (not really, but everyone is in slow mode). And sales of bbq’s, beer, burgers & ice pops have gone through the roof – most shops have sold out. sold out. What was fantastic was that we had the sunshine for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon last Monday – I did it for the Lynsey Cribbin Trust (she has a Facebook page), & walking/running 10km with 40,000+ women would not have been good in the rain. So many of us caught a bit too much sun – myself included.

With this fabulous weather set to change this week 😞 I am taking full advantage of it. I am even wearing shorts. SHORTS. (Under Armour’s “play up” short in water if you must know!) And I may even go lie on the balcony!

‘Til next time……

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Raindrops on roses

And whiskers on kittens….

These are a few of my favourite (newly bought) things! Yippee!

Yes I’m very excited, I went shopping (yay!) and I get to talk about the things that I bought (double yay! Himself can only feign so much “yes it’s pretty” before I melt his brain).

First up are these coral slipper type shoes & beaded sandals, both from Penneys (& both were under a tenner each!). Yes I know it’s still baltic out, but its now April so summer has to arrive soon. Right?! I love ballet flats, and have far too many to count, because they go with everything and can often be a very comfy alternative to heels.

I just loved the colour of the slippers, it screamed sunshine to me. I plan on teaming them with turned up jeans & a white tee, with a blazer or chunky cardi.


As for the sandals, I know we don’t get that many sunny days here in Dublin, but with holidays being planned, and the summer stock coming into shops in February (why? Why does this happen?) everything would be gone by the time the sunshine actually deigns to appear. Plus they’re pretty. And it’s always good when they have a strap around the ankle like that, supports the foot a bit better. With the beaded detailing on the main foot section they could be seen as slightly more dressy than a standard plain one.


This necklace is something I’ve been eyeing up for a while now, it’s been in the window of the Fran & Jane near my work & I’ve been trying to convince myself that I don’t actually need it. Yeah that didn’t happen.


I know that a lot of companies have brought out similar styles and colours to this but i just loved the combination of colours used & the shape of it. I have no occasion (as of yet) that I know I’ll get to wear it but I already have 6 outfits planned! Ha! I think it would look great casually with this green maxi I bought in the Next sale last summer, or dressy with the black dress from ASOS that I wore for Christmas or even with a plain tee, skinnies & a leather jacket where it would brighten up the whole look. There are so many options.


So that’s my excitement for the week. Not very exciting I know, but it’s the little things!

‘Til next time……

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